31 Days of Halloween with Slay — Day 2 — October Movies

October is always a boon month for horror movies for reasons no one needs spell out. The crop coming out this year is your usual assortment of concept horror films with a Name staring, an entry in a popular franchise, family friendly themely animation, and film festival wide releases.


Sinister movie posterThere comes a time in every working actor’s life, it seems, when they take an uncharacteristic plunge into the horror genre. Sometimes that means there’s something special about the film (The Shining) or that their cinematic stardom is on a downward trajectory (mostly everyone else). Ethan Hawke is helming this one, accompanied by Vincent D’Onofrio riding back up.

“Ellison (Ethan Hawke) is seeking inspiration for his latest book when he moves his wife and children into a home where an entire family perished under gruesome circumstances. Terror soon hits closer to home, however, when the writer discovers a box of old family movies in the attic of his new house, and watches in horror as images of various families being murdered flicker before his eyes. Now the deeper Ellison investigates the disturbing case, the more he begins to fear he has stirred an ancient evil that won’t rest until it has claimed his entire family.” (

Opens October 12th.


V/H/S movie posterA collection of 5 found footage short films linked by an additional frame story, V/H/S had been receiving plenty of praise since it debuted on the festival circuit. While it goes into theatrical release on October 5th, it is currently available On Demand in advance of theaters. I’ll be sharing a review of it later this month and while I don’t believe it lives up the hype as “the future of horror,” some of the short films are genuinely affecting and creepy.

As a warning, the film is extremely gory and violent and may not be for those with more delicate constitutions.

Trailer below, but fair warning – there is blood and gore in this as well.


Paranormal Activity 4

Another found movie horror series, Paranormal Activity promises a closure with the fourth entry in the franchise. I’ve found that this is one of the few series where the individual movies are each strong entries and the conceit of the “found footage” works well within the story arc. I’m interested in seeing where the final chapter goes.

Theatrical release is October 19th.


Poster for re-release of Halloween. "The immortal classic returns!"John Carpenter’s classic, staring a young Jamie Lee Curtis (you may otherwise know her as the woman hawking you proactive yogurt), will be re-released in theaters on October 25th for the 35th anniversary of the movie. 35 years! If you’ve never seen the original Halloween, do yourself a favor and catch it on the big screen. There’s something to be said for watching scary movies in a darkened theater full of other like minded viewers. Laurie Strode (Curtis) was the first of the Final Girls – we’ll be discussing them at length later in the month.

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If you are at all familiar with the comics, I can say that it doesn’t match them in terms of detail, but then I doubt very much you could make a movie from them. Dredd is less of an asshole with no sense of perspective and the technology is less prevalent and less nigh on magical. It does have a fairly good Judge Dredd feel to it though. Karl Urban never takes his helmet off. And it’s a lot better than the one with Stalone, but then it would almost have to be.

It’s also super gory. As in slow motion footage of someone getting shot in the head and blood splatter gory.

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