Persephone Birthday

Birthday Giveaway: Bryn Gives Away Her Haunted House Romance, SOLE POSSESSION!

Do you like ghosts? Do you like hot romance? Excellent!


As a way to shamelessly promote myself AND celebrate Persephone Magazine, I’m giving away a free copy of Sole Posession, my e-book from Carina Press that Publishers Weekly called  “an intriguing haunted house tale with spine-tingling suspense and an emotionally fraught romance.” When it launches this Monday, I’ll send you a copy for your Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, whatever!

Please note in the comment if you’re a romance reader or ready to pop your romance cherry. We’ll pick the winner by random drawing. Good luck, and don’t go down into the basement!

By Bryn Donovan

Romance writer, poet, quilter, and dog cuddler.

28 replies on “Birthday Giveaway: Bryn Gives Away Her Haunted House Romance, SOLE POSSESSION!”

I haven’t read a romance novel for YEARS. Ok, I take that back. I read one a few months ago for the first time in years but that was for a review so I didn’t seek out and choose the book. But this one….I CHOOSE THIS ONE. I have been wanting to give paranormal romance a try and can’t think of a better book to start with!

“Sturla Gunnarson didn’t realize when he went a viking that it would be feisty Scotsman Duncan Fraser who would be doing the raiding and pillaging… of his heart.”

I… I should probably stop while I’m ahead. But, yes, I would totally read a m/m about a Viking and a Scotsman.

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