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Birthday Giveaway: Evil Eye Charm

I always wished I had a Halloween birthday like my friend Ted. P-Mag’s anniversary is the closest I get. In honor of the season, my giveaway is one of my good luck charms, meant to ward off the evil eye.

There are many stories, in many different cultures, about how wearing an eye charm will protect someone. My favorite is the first I ever heard, about an African tradition for eye beads. The belief was that the evil could only get into you through the eyes, so by wearing fake, non-blinking eyes near the face, the curse would become confused and not know where to go. They acted like bad luck lightning rods, if you will.

Mine are closer to the Turkish nazar charms, but I will make them in any color you like. Whoever wins the drawing can request a specific color, or let me choose one on my own.

Leave a comment to be entered in the drawing!

blue eye pendant

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