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Birthday Giveaway: Slay’s Pop Culture Nest

We — and by that I mean, me — love our pop culture around here. I’ve written about vampires and zombies, truly terrible television shows and B-movies, and the munchies I like to go along with them. This birthday nest giveaway is some of the things I love going to you, the readers I also love.

In your nest, you will receive:

Watermelon flavored pull-n-peels to be consumed with the sweet dessert wine of your choice:


A copy of the classic, Halloween appropriate movieĀ Beattlejuice on DVD:

A string-ninja keychain:

A copy of Dawn of the Dreadfulls, the prequel to Pride, Prejudice and Zombies:

A token from our patron animal, the Unicorn:

Assorted candy:

As well as a copy of Slay’s Halloween party mix (check the upcoming post for track listings), a token from team zombie, and assorted seasonal goodies, all delivered to your door in a box! Your very own box suitable for repackaging!

By [E] Slay Belle

Slay Belle is an editor and the new writer mentor here at Persephone Magazine, where she writes about pop culture, Buffy, and her extreme love of Lifetime movies. She is also the editor of You can follow her on Twitter, @SlayBelle or email her at

She is awfully fond of unicorns and zombies, and will usually respond to any conversational volley that includes those topics.

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This is AMAZING. Also, I have always loved pull and peels, but no other form of licorice-related candy in the world. Also, I have never seen Beetlejuice, which distresses me more every time I think about it, but I haven’t recently had a chance to change that. Which all goes to re-iterate the fact that this is amazing.

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