Persephone Birthday

Birthday Giveaway: UfYH iPhone/iPad App

Persephone is two years old today! And, man, do two-year-olds make a mess.

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To celebrate, I’m giving away a copy of the Unfuck Your Habitat iPhone/iPad app, so you can hear me yell at you to clean up even when you’re not visiting Persephone.

So tell us, what’s the worst, messiest, most embarrassing spot in your house? I know you have one. Winner will be randomly chosen from the comments.

8 replies on “Birthday Giveaway: UfYH iPhone/iPad App”

Like many people, I have a really messy closet.

But I also have a chair. A chair that sits in the corner of my room beside the dresser and is there to house the moderately clean clothing that has a couple of wears before it needs to be laundered. That would be bad enough, but it also means that I have the area under chair where things I want to forget get stuffed. Closet 2.0.

If you asked me, I would tell you it was my closet. It’s actually a walk-in closet , which sounds great until you find out that it’s about one-eighth the size of of my room; that it’s uninsulated, so it’s easily the coldest place in the house (unless it’s summer, then it’s the hottest); and it is always cluttered as fuck. Always. We do try to clean it up from time to time, but entropy eventually takes it toll. I can’t tell you how many trinkets or articles of clothing I lost in there.

My room’s a close second, though. The basement is really cluttered too — and smelly.

I have a teenaged son who has his ‘own’ bathroom, so it’s not a hard choice to pick :) Plus he has amassed a collection of Axe body sprays, Old Spice deodorants, etc., with no good storage container to put them in. I think it’s a good idea to avoid bathrooms used by anyone under the age of 20 whenever possible…

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