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Catch Phrase: Lunchtime Poll for 10/2/12

Every one of us has certain things we say more often than we might realize. At work the other day, a coworker pointed out that I say, “No problem” all the time, and at home, my most commonly uttered phrase seems to be, “Really?”

How about you? What words or phrases do you find yourself repeating often enough that people begin to associate them with you?

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“True story.”

“Oh ya know.”

“On the bright hand…”

I think I have a few more, but these three are what I get the most crap about. And yes, you read the last one correctly. In a moment of excitement, I combined two phrases and my friends teased me enough about it that it stuck. :)


I don’t know if I quite have a catchphrase, but I cringe every time I hear myself saying, “That said…” which was a major thing with my old boss. I swear, he couldn’t get through a day without it. “Here is a long list of things that are reasons why we shouldn’t be doing something/this won’t work/people are going to be pissed off/etc, that said… we’re going to do it anyway.”

I go pretty quickly through my catch phrases, getting annoyed by them and trying to get rid of them. I started saying ‘Gorl’ to tease someone but now I add it way too often to random dialogue and it’s UGLY I don’t want it.

My catch phrase in awkward situation is -and has been, through the ages- ‘Uh, yeah, well you know’ (think flapping hands/halfhearted hand gestures).

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