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Dispatches from Ladyblogland: Firecart!

What are you planning on doing with your Monday? How about get into an Internet discussion about Benedict Cumberbatch.

Not strictly a ladyblog, but this article on the Benedict “Cumberbitches” is just a delight. The Daily Beast

Everyone’s favorite Jezebel mom, Tracy, writes a truly rage-inducing article about how motherhood made her soooo empathetic. As if the childless have no empathy. Jezebel

POTUS took a bold stance on rape by saying that rape is rape. The fact that this even has to be a thing is just bizarre. XOJane

Really interesting read in defense of Caitlin Moran and populist feminism–and ignoring things like race and class. New Statesman

Will Jem be coming back? The Frisky

A close reading of the Lululemon Manifesto. Because children are the orgasm of life. The Gloss

What have you been reading?

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3 replies on “Dispatches from Ladyblogland: Firecart!”

From that Caitlin Moran article: “What feminism needs is more voices – a whole chorus of them. By all means, we can criticise those already at the top, but we should be combining that with a real desire to listen to women from all walks of life and their experiences: to actively seek them out, rather than waiting for the lucky few to claw their way into our ranks. Giving them jobs on newspapers so that they can write movingly and persuasively about the inequalities they suffer. Because working class women are rarer than hen’s teeth in almost all sections of the media, and just as unexpected.”

Yeah. That.

I mean, I understand where people are coming from when they go after Moran, but I think if her book had been called something different, I don’t know that the criticism would be as harsh. She wrote a memoir and how she came to feminism within her own life and what works for her. That’s the book. It’s not exactly an attempt to write a Be-All End-All Bible.

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