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Dispatches From Ladyblogland Have Hugo Schwyzer Feels

The ladyblogosphere is very small. You’re always running into each other at twitter parties and leaning to your friend going, “I can’t believe they showed their face here!” Let’s see who came to the party this week, shall we?

Animated gif from the Thriller video of Michael Jackson eating popcorn with a huge grin on his face
Sometimes ladyblogland is like this

So XOJane jumped on the Hugo Schwyzer train this week (FYI, we did it first), and boy, did their interview with him give the Internet feels. Flavia Dzoden wrote a nice critique of this whole mess that is a worthwhile read after you’ve jumped down the Hugo Schwyzer rabbit hole. (XOJane, RedLightPolitics)

After you’ve done that, read a bit about this third-grader who dresses up as a historical character everyday. It’ll warm your cold, feminist heart (and give you Halloween costume ideas). (Omaha World Herald)

Okay, I’m admitting something here: but I kind of think Taylor Swift is pretty cool. She’s really aware of her audience and is a talented self-promoter, and honestly, I bet she swears like a sailor in private. HelloGiggles thinks she’s pretty cool, too.

If you need Halloween costume inspiration, The Frisky has the scoop on going as a Binder Full of Women.

Really, really interesting article on the hijab as a feminist symbol. Go. Read it. It’s your intersectional feminism of the day. (Feminspire)

Cats posed like pin-up girls. That is all. (Huffington Post)

I liked this perspective on Hilary Mantel and being a lady writing books about men. I’d honestly never really thought about it before: dudes write about women ALL the time, and win awards for it, but women are expected to write about women. (XX Factor/Slate)

What did you see in ladyblogland this week?

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