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Dispatches From the Ladyblogosphere

There’s a whole world of ladyblogs out there, and we’ve found the best of the best (and the best of the worst) from this past week for your reading pleasure. What have you found around the interwebs lately?

Sady Doyle wrote on Rookie Mag about her diagnosis with bipolar II disorder. It’s a scary disease, and Sady humanizes the diagnosis and also writes a phenomenal first person account of what it’s like to be sick but not realize you’re sick. On Falling Apart in Rookie

Here’s a story to make your skin crawl: a woman describes how her parents didn’t believe she was being molested. TW, obviously. XO Jane

Hey! A Jez piece that didn’t make anyone roll their eyes. It’s about that whole Lady Gaga is anorexic piece. As always, approach the comments with caution. Jezebel

Dudes! Get vasectomies! Especially if your partner doesn’t want kids either. The Frisky

I was reading this piece because I like stories that look at more conservative decisions even-handedly, but then I got to the part where the interview subject describes being raped, which, geez, talk about Madonna/Whore. And for me it was shocking but not triggering, but I then noticed that they didn’t put a trigger warning at the top. I do sometimes feel that trigger warnings can be overused, but in this case, it would have been nice to have. Interview with a Virgin on The Hairpin

Jessica Valenti gets asked about how she lost her baby weight. She takes ’em down. Jessica Valenti’s tumblr

Are those not-quite-nude fund-raising calendars good for women? SkepChick

Slate asks if feminism can be sarcastic and still be effective. What say you? Slate

If you think there’s something we missed or something you’d like us to highlight next week, share in the comments!

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I <3 Andrea Grimes.

Also, I want to give a shout-out to Irish feminists who organised last Saturday’s pro-choice march in Dublin:

Marching for Choice in Dublin, by Aoife O’Riordan on Feminist Ire

I heard so many people talking about the numbers. About how they couldn’t believe there were this many of us here. How they’d never seen so many people at something like this before. We were genuinely and collectively in awe at our numbers, here on O’Connell street. For the first time in my life, I felt that we might get somewhere with this. That we might really have some power to change things.

The march also got a mention on RH Reality Check. (the video is worth a watch)

Also loved Fit and Feminist‘s post tying together Balpeet Kapaur, fitness magazines, and ye olde ladies’ diaries:

A lot of the rhetoric that surrounds fitness uses phrases like “building your best body” and “being the best possible you,” as if “the best possible you” is one that has firm triceps and a tight ass.  It’s not about being more compassionate or helpful or kinder or braver.   Perhaps that’s because cultivating the intellect or developing a set of ethics is beyond the scope of most fitness media, but I do think it’s striking that the language chosen to convey the benefits of fitness is one that equates a fit body with the “best possible you.”

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