31 Days of Halloween with Slay — Day 25, Guest Post – Evil Queen Makeup

I am lucky to have such talented friends. Maggie, who you may remember from her awesome embroidery series, offered to contribute a great make-up tutorial for the Halloween season. I bet you haven’t figured out your costume yet, so maybe this will help you out some – Slay

Hello, spooky ladies of Persephone! Maggie here with a makeup tutorial for my favorite Disney villain, the Evil Queen from Snow White. I love her because her evil comes from a seemingly random place: she hates for the sake of hate, and when there’s a hot little piece like Snow White frolicking through my forest, damn straight I’m going to steal her fairness.

To achieve this look, I made my eyes appear larger, my nose sharper, and my cheeks more set-in. All of this was achieved through highlighting and contouring techniques. Makeup is magic!

You will need to following supplies:

  • Concealer, foundation, whatever your base routine usually is.
  • Luminizing primer (can be made by mixing white eyeshadow with moisturizer)
  • bronzer (available for $1 from elf at Target if you don’t have any)
  • blush
  • eyeshadow/eyebrow pencil in dark brown or black
  • purple eyeshadow
  • black eyeliner-liquid or a felt-tip marker liner. I like this one.
  • mascara and/or false eyelashes and adhesive (usually included in eyelash packaging)
  • lip liner (cheap stuff is just fine)
  • lipstick in a deep crimson red. Very classic.
This is our source image. As you can see, Queenie has very sharply defined features, which we will be emulating.
The Evil Queen from Snow White.

Apply concealer/foundation/powder per your usual routine.

Step 1: Maggie with no makeup except concealer, foundation, and powder

Now we are going to highlight with a light-collecting primer. You can also mix a white or light sparkly eye shadow with some moisturizer. Using a foundation brush, your little finger, or anything else you prefer, apply the primer down the center of your nose, between the eyes and up in to the center forehead, down the nasal trough, and in the middle of the chin. This is where we want the light to be emphasized.

Step 2: Maggie with primer applied as described above

Now we are going to contour with bronzer. Make a fish face and apply bronzer under the cheekbones. If your cheeks are rather hollow, you won’t need to apply as much as I do, because I have quite full cheeks. Likewise, if your cheekbones are not as defined as mine, use the bronzer to create them! Next, dab a little bronzer on your finger and apply it to either side of your chine, where the jowls begin. This helps to sharpen the chin.

Step 3: Maggie sucks in her cheeks to apply bronzer to the hollows with a large brush

Step 3 completed: Maggie with bronzer in the hollows of her cheeks

Can you see the definition already? Now, using a foundation brush or something thinner than a blush brush, apply bronzer down each side of the line of primer on your nose. This should hit at the place where the flat-ish part of the nose turns in to the side. Then blend the bronzer down the sides of the nose. This will make your nose appear sharper. As with all of these techniques, use it as needed in accordance with your own bone structure.

Step 4: Maggie applying bronzer to the sides of her nose with a thin, flat brush

Stare in the mirror for a while because WHOA YOU HAVE A DIFFERENT NOSE NOW.

Now it’s time for your eyebrows. Follow your own shape, but extend the length and arch as much as possible.

Step 5.1: Maggie brushing dark powder onto one eyebrow

Try your hardest to make the eyebrows as even and symmetrical as possible! Extend the length far beyond your eye.

Step 5.2: Maggie brushing powder onto her other eyebrow to match the first

Step 5 completed: Maggie with eyebrows darkened and the arch exaggerated.

Using brown or black eye shadow, contour the shape of your crease. If you don’t have one like me, create one smack dab between your lash line and brow.

Step 6: Maggie adding a thin line of dark shadow to create a crease in her eyelid

Fill your lashes with a bold purple color. Instead of brushing the shadow, use the brush to dab pigment on to the skin to create a more saturated effect. Then, add a light glittery shadow around the upper and lower lash lines, again dabbing, not brushing.

Step 7: Maggie applying purple eyeshadow

Now we are ready for eyeliner. Practice a steady line on your hand, then line each lid to the edge of the purple shadow, wherever that hits. Line the lower lid lightly and connect at the outer corner of the eye.

Step 8: Maggie applying black eyeliner

Now: This is going to sound really stupid, but bear with me. We are going to use the liner to draw on lashes, making the eyes appear much larger. Using the liner, start by extending the initial wing in to an upward curve, then add a couple more as you see fit.

Step 9: Maggie with several fake lashes drawn on the outside edge of her top eyelid

See? It doesn’t look as weird as it feels. Now add mascara and fake lashes. There is a great tutorial here.

Finally, it’s time for the lips. Line with a lip pencil, accentuating the cupid’s bow. If your lips are thin, add a little volume with the pencil.

Step 10: Maggie lining her lips

Fill the lips with a deep crimson lipstick.

Step 11: Maggie applying red lipstick

Now you’re done! Spend the rest of your time practicing your meanest look! MUAHAHA

Finished application: Maggie made up to look like the Evil Queen


*Note* even if you are not dressing up as the evil queen, many of these techniques can be adapted to fit the needs of your costume. I hope this tutorial gave you some insight in to the power of contouring and highlighting. It really is magical.

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Glad you like it! I learned so much of what I know about makeup, especially contouring and highlighting, from drag, because the art form requires you to change your bone structure. It never fails to amaze me with how easy it is to totally change your face.

SPeaking of, I was watching the Addams Family the other day, and I noticed that Morticia’s makeup is shaded with dark greys and blacks. That may be useful to you!

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