Foraging (With Vodka!)

So we’ve got a new hobby: foraging!

white plate piled with wild black raspberries

It turns out Illinois is lush with wild edible mushrooms. I got Erick a really handy I.D. book full of poisonous, edible, and look-alike mushrooms all in our area, and we tried our hand at foraging this morning. It turns out with all the dry weather the mushrooms aren’t up for it, but we got something else. Wild black raspberries. We found a sweet little spot near our house that looks very promising for not only mushrooms (after a good rain) and berries, but lots of tasty edible plants once I get my I.D.s straight. Not only that, it’s a cheap fun date. Plus, free food!


I decided to spice some vodka with about half of the berries. I’ll let it brew for a few weeks, then enjoy wild black raspberry vodka. The vodka used was Prairie State Organic vodka, which is about as cheap as conventional vodka, but thrice as tasty.

Closeup of lack raspberries in a clear bottle of vodka
Clear bottle filled with dark berry-colored vodka
[This post originally appeared on Hannah’s blog on June 10, 2012]

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