From Madonna to Mitt: The Art of Self-Reinvention

Politicians have always been infamous for tailoring their remarks to specific audiences (okay, call it “pandering.” I’m trying to be nice).  And it is certainly possible for them to claim their views “evolve” when it seems more politically acceptable (look at Bill Clinton on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, or Obama on gay marriage).

But going back and forth several times in a few days (as Romney has about abortion) has got to be some sort of new record.  Granted, his poor campaign spokeswoman has had an almost full-time job running after him, “clarifying” his statements on things like the Affordable Health Care Act and immigration, and even Romney himself had to go back on his infamous 47% comment.

But last week I think he outdid himself – first saying he didn’t anticipate any anti-abortion legislation changing the status quo, then saying he was totally pro-life, then clarifying to say that he supported some exceptions, and so on. And at the first presidential debate, Romney appeared almost centrist (conveniently going back on nearly everything he’d said earlier in the campaign).  I thought Madonna was the queen of re-invention, but Mitt could show her a thing or two.  Heck, if he can rebrand himself as a moderate, I’m going to rebrand myself, morphing from a suburban Jewish mother into a hot young popstar . . . (oh, and thoroughly embarrassing my teenage sons at the same time), in my tribute to flip-flopping, “Oops!, You Did It Again!”

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