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Grocery Store: Friend or Foe? Lunchtime Poll for 10/16/12

A recent conversation with the other editors proved to be quite reassuring to me because of one simple fact: it turns out I’m not the only person who’s terrible at grocery shopping.

How about you? Are you, like Hillary and Sally J., a list-maker and meal planner and all-around efficient shopper, or are you more like me, Slay Belle, Sara B, and Selena, and end up with a random variety of junk food, prepared meals, and “how the hell did this get in my cart” items?

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We use cozi, it’s an online organization tool. The list is on our phones and the computer. That way if I forget to put something on the list while at the store, Wayne can add it. I don’t plan menus, really. I like to cook whatever inspires me that day. The boys (8 & 5) eat standard kid fare, so shopping for them is easier.

I try to plan 2 major meals, stew/soup type thing, that will leave lots of leftovers, which requires a list, and then I just restock the pantry and the produce drawer with things Sir NuddyPants and I eat for lunchs/snacks. But there is always somehow one or two things at that end up in the cart as “treats” that I really shouldn’t be getting because they are pricey and in theory I have a budget.
I like grocery shopping, its soothing and reminds me I’m an adult now. Its just a pain in the butt to drag it all home as we don’t own a car.

I avoid the grocery store as much as humanly possible. Since I eat Trader Joe’s Frosted Mini-Wheats for dinner more often than not, this isn’t much of a problem. Thank goodness I don’t have children to feed, otherwise I would resent them for forcing me into cart-battles in the Safeway aisles.

I hate grocery shopping. But, I’m pretty good at it. I’m mostly a list person, and said list is planned around a few meals for the week. I will deviate from the list if something is particularly appealing at the store. For example, beautiful eggplants will mean that we need to eat rollitini, so then I need another meal that uses ricotta. But really, I hate the time and effort of grocery shopping.

I’m sorta both. I make a list for essentials, but leave wiggle room. My usual list (when I have grocery money, anyway, and excluding what I already have) is something like this:

Coffee + creamer
Things for sandwiches
Pasta + sauce
Things to nibble
Things that are chocolatey
Eggies + cheese

…Which allows for variation between turkey sandwiches or pbjs, or pretzels or cheese to nibble, or a bag of mini-Reeses or a container of ice cream. Occasionally I’d grab premade things to heat up, or decide that it’s a soup making weekend (in which case, most of the budget is soup making things and that’s what I eat for a week or two).

It’s really a learned habit- I grew up watching my mom take the sale paper, and make a list- along with the days of the week and what was for dinner jotted down along either the top or the bottom. I typically put shopping off until I HAVE to go, and by then, if there’s no list, there’s no way I’m feeding all four people for a set number of days. No way in the world.

I’m a little of both. I’ll make a list and get everything on it, but I’ll also find a few random things in there, especially if I went shopping hungry and everything sounded delicious as I walked by.

But if I don’t make a list I kind of just stand in aisles and stare at things.

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