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Ladyghosts of TV Past: Battlestar Galactica, 4.08, “Sine Qua Non”

Welcome back to BSG! Sorry I was away last week, the Cylons got me. (No, really. No two humans could be as amazing as the ones whose marriage I witnessed last week, so they must be machines. Everything makes sense now.)

Previously, on Battlestar Galactica, Starbuck tells Roslin what the Hybrid told her, and Roslin wants answers from the Hybrid. Hera filled up a notebook with the number six, and drawings of a blonde lady, and then ran off, which resulted in Athena shooting Natalie (a Six and the leader of the rebel Cylons) just as the Hybrid got plugged in for Roslin and Baltar, causing the Hybrid’s ship to jump.

Closeup of Natalie's face as she dies.
This is Natalie. She is dying. Also, see why I thought she was Gina?

It seems only seconds have passed ““ Cottle is trying to save Natalie.

At the Quorum of Twelve, there is lots of confusion. Zarek wants to talk to Adama, who is hearing from Tigh that there are 40 Vipers and 40 pilots on board the Cylon baseship. Zarek goes to the Quorum, and they want to know if Roslin’s dead, he says as far as they know, she’s still alive. Zarek tells the Quorum and the media that Roslin and Baltar were on the baseship when it jumped away, which happened after one of the Cylons was shot aboard Galactica. (We cut back to Natalie’s surgery a few times here.) Zarek’s taken over as president, and as Cottle holds her hand, Natalie dies. Frak.

Lee calls his daddy, to yell at him for not talking to the Quorum.

Closeup of Athena and Adama
To be fair, Roslin’s been operating off of visions for the entire series.

Adama is not pleased. Speaking of which, he’s talking to Athena, accusing her of sabotaging the truce, and asking why she shot Natalie. Athena replies that the Cylons were going to take Hera, because she saw it in a vision. Adama points out everything that could happen because of Athena’s actions ““ Helo and Roslin could be dead, etc. ““ and throws her in the brig, without Hera.

Lee is asked whether he thinks his father will hand over power to Zarek’s civilian administration. Lee says no. (Obvi!)

After the credits, Tigh informs us that the resurrection ship’s gone, and so is the baseship. Adama points out that the rebels want to resurrect D’Anna, so they’ll follow the resurrection hub. Tigh says that Starbuck says that there aren’t enough pilots to fly proper patrols, so it’d be better if the ships fly closer together. That’s sure to not cause any problems down the line.

Closeup of Lampkin, wearing sunglasses

Lee and Zarek have a fascinating conversation, regarding Adama’s refusal to acknowledge Zarek as president. Zarek points out that he was elected. HEY, ROMO LAMPKIN! WHERE YOU BEEN, BEHBEH?! Who knows, but now he’s meeting with Lee, who has gone to him with advice. Lampkin points out it needs to be someone who Adama will trust, who the Quorum will accept, who can take Zarek’s place until the next round of elections. Lampkin tells him not to take the case. Lee says they have to, no one else will. After a spell of negotiating, Lampkin agrees to help.

Tigh sits on the edge of a bed. Caprica kneels in front of him with her hands on his legs.
This is an awkward way for them to be situated, no?



Adama instructs Tigh to find out what he can from Caprica about the resurrection hub, so off Tigh trots to the brig. Caprica says only the Hybrids can find it. She also wants to know why Tigh cares so much about finding Roslin, and thus learns that Adama cares for Roslin. Caprica then gets down in front of Tigh and switches to Ellen face, and asks if he loves her, and then switches back to her normal face. And then the lights switch on for Condition One, and Tigh freaks out and pushes her away.

Racetrack and Skulls wearing spacewalk suits
These two win for most discoveries paired with least character development.

So it seems one of the Raptors that was aboard the baseship has jumped back into Colonial airspace, and we’ve sent out Racetrack and Skulls, Finding Things Is Our Business. The Raptor looks busted, and Racetrack goes on a spacewalk to examine the Raptor, which is damaged and empty.  Well, empty except for Pike (who the hell is Pike?) Pike is a dead Raptor pilot, it seems. This is the Raptor that Roslin and Baltar were on ““ Adama finds the book he leant Roslin aboard it. Tigh says that they’ve been able to trace where the Raptor came from, so that’s good.

Lampkin and Lee talk more about how impossible it will be to find a replacement. Lampkin draws similarities between Lee and Roslin, when out the window, Galactica jumps away! Racetrack and Skulls are out somewhere else again, and there are lots of Vipers floating around, as well as a destroyed baseship. Adama believes the busted baseship isn’t the one Roslin was on, that the resurrection hub has been destroyed, and he orders four Raptors to stay behind and search through the wreckage, looking for proof that he’s right. Galactica jumps back to the fleet.

Zarek holds a press conference, and it doesn’t go well ““ Adama has commandeered several civilian ships, and all Tillium shipments to help search for Roslin.

Lampkin and Lee go over names ““ other pilots, lawyers, etc. Lampkin calls it an exercise in futility.

Adama and Tigh confront each other, just inches apart

Cottle tells us that this break in Roslin’s cancer treatment leaves her vulnerable to cancer growth and infections. Also, something about Caprica Six. Adama questions Tigh, and tells him he knows that Tigh turns off the cameras and sends away the guards when he “spends time with her” and, oh, Caprica Six is pregnant. Adama gets furious. Tigh points out that they’re running all over creation looking for a woman Adama loves. Adama asks what Ellen would think about this, and at that point, FISTICUFFS ENSUE. Tigh goes flying over Adama’s model ship, which takes yet another beating. The smashed ship gets them all to calm down, thankfully.

Down in the brig, Athena is crying, and humming?

Adama instructs Starbuck to go searching for remnants of the baseship. Starbuck counters with how thin the pilots are stretched, Adama says he’s not asking. Hey, Lampkin strolls up to talk to Adama. He’s got paperwork for Adama to sign, absolving the pilots whose ships have been militarized of responsibility for their ships. They watch the pilots get ready to ship out, and Lampkin comments on the futility of the mission. Lampkin explains the title to us ““ Sine Qua Non ““ without which, not ““ the things without which we cannot bear living, the things that without which, life loses its value.

Whiteboard with "Lee Adama" written and circled in dry-erase marker
Seriously, where are they getting office equipment from at this stage of the game?

Adama talks to Lee, saying that he’s lost his objectivity, and that Lee should tell the Quorum he’s relinquishing command immediately. Lampkin now talks to the cat, trying to find a president. He makes a list of the things needed in a president ““ wisdom, courage, experience, (where did they get a white board?!) Lampkin says there’s only one name, the name they knew from the start ““ LEE ADAMA.


Lampkin bumps into Lee as he’s walking out, and tells Lee they’ve found the perfect candidate ““ congratulations, Mr. President. Apparently, they’d been through 47 other names.  Lampkin tells Adama to savor his victory, because he’ll never get the chance to serve. And then pulls a gun on him!? Lampkin says that Lee is hope, and humanity doesn’t deserve hope. This, apparently, is because “they” killed Lampkin’s cat. Which is fucked up. Lampkin counters with the fact that he saved himself rather than trying to save his family, and Lee says that everyone who’s still alive made decisions that resulted in other people dying so they could live. (Lee also says the cat’s been dead for weeks, which doesn’t make sense, because there was definitely a cat earlier in the episode.) Lee makes a great speech about humanity’s right to chose to fight for survival, and then dares Lampkin to shoot him. Or help him, its entirely up to him. Lee is going to make a difference in this fleet!

Lee Adama being sworn in as president with his father at his side
Leeland Joseph Adama, President of the Fleet. Like this was a surprise.

OH GODS, LEE’S PRESIDENT! Also, “Lee” is short for “Leeland.” Tigh says that this is a frakkin joke, but Tigh’s now in charge of Galactica. DOWN IS UP AND UP IS DOWN. Adama charges him with getting the fleet to Earth the best way he can ““ and, oh, give Athena back Hera. And take care of the family. MAN HUG.

Adama’s sitting at Roslin’s desk at Colonial One, and we are reunited with Jake the Dog, whose food bowl was the tipoff signal for the insurgents on New Caprica. Lee gives him to Lampkin, who proffers to hate the dog on site. Perfect.

Apparently Adama is going to be waiting alone in a Raptor while the rest of the fleet jumps away. Because he can’t live without Laura, which, hearts. Admiral Adama is in pilot’s suit, and Starbuck and Lee are there to see him off in his Raptor. Adama and Starbuck do their “what do you hear” “nothing but the rain” and it’s all a little sad.

Athena’s still in the brig, but now she’s got Hera with her? And is still singing.

Adama, whose codename is Husker, is in position. The fleet jumps away. Adama, prepared to wait a long time, breaks out a book.


Thanks to monchichi for the screencaps!

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