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Lunchtime Poll: Tricks and Treats

Tomorrow, my friends, is the greatest holiday of the calendar year. Yes, it will finally be Halloween. I’ve been writing a lot about the holiday and holiday-tangential topics, so for some of you, the real upcoming joy will be November 1st, when I stop posting horror movie reviews and telling you to listen to songs about vampires. So on this rainy, gross Hurricane Sandy eve-of-Halloween, let’s talk about the one thing we can all agree on. Candy. Or more exactly, the acquiring and devouring of said candy.

In my neighborhood, we get a large number of high school kids coming around trick-or-treating, often in the poorest excuses for a costume. There’s a whole group of kids that don’t even bother with the costume part and just come to get candy. However, in my family, such a thing was not heard of. You hit high school and you were out of luck. My very last attempt at trick-or-treating was in 9th grade when I dressed as Death from the Sandman comics and somehow didn’t get out the door until almost 9pm, at which point all the porch lights were off and we were SOL. That was the ignominious end to my candy collecting career.

What about you guys? When did you have to give up the ghost?

By [E] Slay Belle

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I had a little sister, so I went out with her through high school. In college we just dressed up and drank. I haven’t really gotten to take Lexie trick-or-treating for real yet; we did the mall last year but with the snow it was too cold to go anywhere except the two neighbors who told us in advance they had something for her. I’m hoping we can get out tomorrow.

We used to live in a rural area in Washington with limited street lights AND a mix of paved and unpaved roads, and it would almost always rain. So for the first few years of my kids’ life, we did the mall thing too. Now we do the neighborhood — how much of it depends on how cold it is.

I went trick-or-treating with a group of friends all the way through college. We had legitimate costumes, though. And we normally went out at around 7:30, so all the little kids had finished and we wouldn’t intrude on them, but we did get some candy. We saw high schoolers who came out at around 8:30, and some were dressed up and some were not.

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