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Lunchtime Poll: Coffee (or Tea)

I’ve been up since 4 a.m. and the only thing that’s keeping me going is a steady stream of caffeinated beverages. Clearly, I have coffee on my mind.

How do you take your coffee or tea? For me, coffee is a strictly pre-lunch beverage. Extra cream, light on the sugar. I drink tea in the evenings. Once again, with extra cream and a little sugar or honey.

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Coffee with soy or dairy milk in the mornings. I love how coffee tastes (and my entire family does as well), but I’m also relatively sure that grad school has left me caffeine dependent.

Black tea in the afternoon or early evening with milk and a bit of sugar. I finally stopped lying to myself about how night coffee affects me (yay insomnia), so I stick to black tea or herbal tea as the night draws to a close. Honey is lovely in herbal tea – mostly sleepytime blend lately.

Coffee, at all times of the day, with a splash of cream. If I have to drink it black, I will. My 3am self isn’t picky when she’s trying to stay awake for the rest of her shift.

As for tea, I prefer it unsweetened and iced. When it gets cooler, I’ll have the occasional cup of hot tea, but we’re not to that point yet. :)

I’m “one of those serene green-tea types”, as put by the Guardian today. I like oolong too, and if there’s nothing but black tea, I’ll have it with some milk or cream. No sugar.

I like an occasional cup of coffee as well, but if you’re not a regular drinker, just a cup or two can really up blood pressure and I don’t like how that makes me feel. But if I’m indulging, cream is a must.

I used to drink 3-4 huge cups of dark, roasty black coffee every day. Then, I developed stomach problems – can’t imagine why. Now I am a tea person. Earl grey, masala chai, roasted mate, Darjeeling, english breakfast, etc in the morning. Chamomile, mint, uncaffeinated spiced teas, yerba mate, etc in the evenings. I can’t get enough of the stuff.

I didn’t like coffee until my mid-twenties, but now I need some sort of caffeine in the morning and I don’t drink soda. I do frequent Starbucks more than I should, as the work coffee is TERRIBLE and there’s a Starbucks across the street from the office. I do keep it simple, though – iced coffee with room for skim milk and Equal (or half-and-half and raw sugar if it’s a weekend), plain coffee with the same, or hot chocolate. I had Starbucks this morning so I probably shouldn’t go again on my break, but damn, a hot chocolate sounds really good today…

Evenings (and mornings when I’m feeling sick), it’s hot tea. I like green tea with honey – I’m not too picky. I do enjoy Earl Grey, jasmine and mint teas though. During my first year at my former job, a coworker gave me a lovely teapot for Secret Santa, so there was a period where I made tea every day. One of my other colleagues commented, “I love how you do your tea service every morning!”

I very much prefer tea, which I always drink black. Black teas in the morning, herbals in the afternoon/evening.

When I drink coffee, which isn’t often, I take it (as Neil Gaiman would say) black as night, sweet as sin. No cream because I’m lactose intolerant and lots of sugar because I don’t like the taste of coffee

Both, somewhat indiscriminately. Coffee is more readily available at work, tea at home. Coffee always gets a lot of sugar and a little cream. Tea gets a little sugar or honey and sometimes a splash of milk (never cream, always milk). I’m also a great lover of espresso and latte drinks, but none of that instant cappuccino stuff. Ick.

I’m strictly a soda girl. I love the smell of coffee but I can’t drink it no matter how much other crap is in there to disguise the taste. I don’t really like the taste of tea either, but I’ll have the occasional chamomile when I’m sick or green tea on the rare occasions that I go out for fancy Chinese food.

Hillary, I couldn’t stand the taste of coffee until I was about 25. Even now, I can’t take it black. Gross.

My mom still has her morning Diet Coke (she’s never liked coffee) and my dad will sometimes have it in the mornings, but never at home (and he CANNOT understand the concept of Starbucks). When my sister and I visit our parents, we bring out the coffeemaker they have for guests/parties.

I’ll take both, but coffee is a big tradition in my family. I grew up with my parents drinking it 2-3 times a day, but I usually just have it in the morning so I don’t stain my teeth to kingdom come. Thankfully, I can have caffeine at night with little consequence, but that wasn’t a great thing during school.

Oh goodness. Coffee is something I used to “take” only as a mocha when I was out. These days, I don’t drink coffee at all, and will instead – at any time of day/year – order hot chocolate. As for tea. At home it would usually be green tea on its own, when out, I tend to have a dash of milk in whatever tea was presented.

Caffeinated coffee, for me, HAS to be a pre-lunch beverage. Or, at least imbibed before 2pm. Otherwise, the caffeine is tortuous to my sleeping patterns. However, if it’s decaf, I’ll drink it any time. I just picked up a container of decaf, and I’ve been drinking coffee every day without fear of caffeine withdrawal or addiction, and it feels marvelous to get to enjoy it when I want it.

But I also don’t tend to like chemicals that make me feel a certain way. This is also why I don’t really drink.

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