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Lunchtime Poll: It’s Tights Season

I love tights. I really, really do. Maybe it’s because I have plenty of inner thigh meat so I like wearing dresses without the dreaded chub rub, but I could gladly bypass summer and stay in my hosiery year round.

woman wearing bright blue tights and black bootsI’m plus-sized, so it’s not always easy to find good tights. My favorite place is We Love Colors, but I find that the crotch wears out pretty fast. But it’s a great place to get (surprise, surprise) colored tights. Lots of other brands won’t adorn my ample legs in neon pink fabric, but WLC will. I’ve also had good luck with Evans and, if you want to go footless, the Teggings from Re/Dress NYC are absolutely the best. I wish they made full-on tights in the same fabric.

Anyone else a tights aficionado like I am? Where do you shop?

By [E] Liza

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I used to love tights, that is, when I was a teen, and significantly slimmer. As an adult, and bigger than in aforementioned teen years, I find it near as impossible to find tights, so I go for leggings instead. I find them so much more pratical. But oh goodness, I do sometimes miss the tights I often used to go for when I was younger, I uesd to call them concrete tights because they were nigh on indestructible (by tights standards).

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