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Lunchtime Poll: Karaoke

There’s a sort of science to picking the perfect karaoke song. It has to be a well-known track, something catchy that people can sing along to easily. A little melodrama and theatricality doesn’t hurt either, especially if you’ve been tossing back cocktails all night (and, really, who does karaoke sober?).

My go-to favorite is No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak.” Everyone knows it, plus I can totally ham it up. It’s pretty perfect.

What’s your song of choice?

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Oh maaaan, I love karaoke. When I was in Japan on exchange, my friends would make me sing “Land Down Under” by Men at Work every single time we’d go out. It has a long flute part that’s super awkward to wait through. Silly fun though.

My favourite song is a Japanese one, which is super easy to sing along to (every line ends the same way, so it pretty much halves the lyrics you need to know!), it’s super fun and loud and I get to show off when I’m with my Japanese friends, haha. It’s “Eenen” by Ulfuls.

 (Lyrics here: if anyone’s interested)

Other than those, Disney songs are always good (favourite is “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” and I had a polished double-act with a friend doing “Hakuna Matata”) and Lady Gaga songs always get everyone else singing so any vocal failings are hidden!

I really love karaoke. >>

My go-to is usually “I Feel the Earth Move” because it’s got a good laid-back karaoke vibe.  Last time I did Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie” though, and that was fun because I really got to belt it out.  Though when I requested the song, the DJ was like, “Oh, yeah.  Amy Winehouse.  She was that weird chick, right?  Whatever, fine.”  But then, there was a disturbing amount of Nickleback being sung, so I guess his was the prevailing attitude at that particular bar.

Please, do not do Defying Gravity unless you are Lea Michele, Idina Menzel, Chris Colfer, or similarly trained and talented. Spare the rest of us and our poor ears.

This PSA has been brought to you by wine and late night partygoers everywhere. Thank you.

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