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Lunchtime Poll: Sandwiches

I work on my school’s campus, which is a two-plus hour commute from my apartment, so on the days I have to be there in the early a.m., I tend to either pack my lunch the night before or hit the Subway in the student commons. Either way, work day usually means sandwich day.

They’re kind of a miracle food. Think about it. They’re compact and easy to eat with one hand (I read check Facebook from my phone during lunch), but you can pack in an entirely balanced meal with protein, dairy and veggies. Most kinds are easy to make the night before and throw in the fridge until lunch hour. And they’re delicious.

I don’t eat meat, so when I make them at home, I usually put a couple of different kinds of cheese on a roll with lettuce and tomato, then add mayo and, if I’m feeling adventurous, either mustard or barbecue sauce (sounds weird, but it’s good, trust). There are soy-based mock meats in the style of cold cuts, but they’re a little out of my budget, if the mediocre grocery store in my neighborhood even has them. If I hit Subway, I get either the veggie patty or that new eggplant parm. I’m going to be so sad if that latter one disappears after a limited time. It’s delicious.

So tell me all about your ‘wich crafting ways. It is lunch time, after all.

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Mine are usually pretty boring: grilled cheese, peanut butter on toast, or ham/turkey/roast beef with cheddar (not all at the same time!). If I’m at a diner, I’ll put some bacon on that grilled cheese or get a French dip. And do meatball subs count? I love those.

It depends on how lazy I’m feeling. The super lazy sandwich is wheat bread and honey roasted turkey only. But when I’m feeling fancy, I pile on baby spinach, pepper jack cheese, a dash of sriracha, some tomatoes, and maybe some other random veggies. Delish.

I’m a bit of a bore when it comes to sandwiches. Pretty much always Marmite and old cheese. Sometimes I put them in the toaster, sometimes I don’t.

When my father makes my lunch (yeah I know) it usually comes with lettuce and/or tomatoes and we have this gorgeous great ham this week so it will probably pass as well.

After years of going to schools where there was next to no hot lunch program I got really, really tired of all things sandwich. Working in a deli for two years after that did not help. I’m just now getting back into sandwich eating.

Now on the rare occasion I make sandwiches I am really dull about it. Wheat bread, leaf lettuce, mayo, Swiss/Provolone/Munster (one of the three, not all at once), low sodium turkey, maybe a bit of Dijon mustard if I’m feeling fancy. Alternately PB&J is also an option. Strawberry Jam always though. None of this grape jelly nonsense. I’m also partial to egg salad, but I rarely make it.

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