Mid-Week News: Quelle Horreur

Welcome back you lovely peaches, you kindly kids with faces I could kiss and cheeks I could ravish. It’s all about the news, and well, the news can be what the French refer to as quelle horreur.

I’ll be your lovely host this week and I’ll be drunk on media power for the next few minutes, as we triumphantly return, perhaps out of bravery, perhaps out of masochism, reading up on the semi-uncontrollable events that define the world we burn so brightly in. So strap on your helmets, let’s get this news fiesta started and head into the current events unknown.

Screencap from the Simpsons of Homer sitting on a motorcycle in a classroom saying "Remember to rebel against authority, kids."THERE WAS ANOTHER DEBATE.  Is election season over yet? (NY Times)
Nope. There are thirteen days left and we have covered all the phrases from Romnesia to Obamacare. Oh and Ann Coulter is an awful person. May god have mercy on us all. (Huffington Post)
Syrian forces continue to shell Aleppo and at least 20 people have been reportedly killed when government forces shelled a bakery. While footage has been released, it has not been immediately verified. (Al Jazeera)
Shia neighbourhoods in Baghdad were also bombed when car bombs and mortars hit two neighboring areas, leaving eleven dead and dozens injured. (Al Jazeera)
A Louisiana woman was the victim of a horrific attack during which she was reportedly set on fire and had her car defiled with the letters “KKK”. Because post racial y’all. Post racial. (Huffington Post)
Think your vote might be in danger of getting tossed? Check your stats here! (Mother Jones)
Janet Mock gets interviewed by Colorlines on coming out as a trans woman. (Colorlines)
That wraps us up for this mid-week-stravaganza’s worst and best news. Tune in next time for a delicious hapdashery of news that matters, news they want you to think matters, and matters that you think should be news.  But for now, it’s all over but the tears.

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