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Monday Night Flashback Open Thread: Vintage

It’s definitely fall and I’ve been pulling out my fall favorites from my closet all week. It’s time to sleep in heavier pajamas, it’s time for boots, it’s time for light jackets. It’s time to realize some of my clothes are approaching “vintage” status. 

For starters, there’s my black leather jacket. Mr. Sally J and I ended up buying each other leather jackets the year we got engaged. I remember this because we’ve always called them “our engagement jackets.” We got engaged in 1999. So yeah. Then there is, as far as I can tell, the oldest piece of clothing that I still wear.

It’s a sweatshirt from my younger brother’s freshman year of college, which was 1995. The sweatshirt came home from school with him, and somehow it made its way into my wardrobe. I still sleep in it, and I’ve been known to wear it under jackets when it’s really cold. It’s just a simple grey sweatshirt, with the college logo slowing fading. I don’t plan on retiring it anytime soon.

So, what’s the oldest thing in your closet?

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I have an old, thick, cable-knit sweater that my mom bought for my dad for Christmas the year they started dating.  (1981)  It’s got a little hole in it, but she bought it for him to wear on the deck of a Naval ship in winter, so it is still the warmest sweater of all time.  I tend to wear it when things are just the worst.  Break ups, screw ups, and sick days, if the sweater is on, I am probably on the verge of bursting into tears or on so much cold medicine that I don’t know who you are.  Regardless, not up for talking.

One of my grandma’s dresses (that one I actually wore this summer), several vintage items from my aunts, a lovely Joan Holloway-esque navy dress I got around 1991 when international aid in the shape of used clothes first started flowing into the former SU…

Of the things originally bought for me or bought by me, I still occasionally wear a pair of yellow rubber boots I got when I was 13 or so, so well over 20 years old now. I’ve also got a truly shocking amount of wear out of a H&M polo shirt bought in 1999.

I have a dress that my great-aunt made for herself in the late 60’s I think. My sister chopped it from maxi to midi, and then I adopted it, but sadly my great-aunt was slimmer in the chesticular area than me so I may have to retire it… or just keep it for the as-yet-unplanned next generation:)

I have a black Coca Cola sweatshirt that was my moms from the early/mid 80s. It’s just slightly too small, mainly in the arms, but I still wear it to bed sometimes because I don’t have many things to remember her by.

I also have a shirt from my elementary school, the kind they would give out at the end of the year on field day. I think it’s from 4th or 5th grade so 1998/1999ish.

The oldest thing I own I no longer wear on a regular basis, as I now live in California and have little need for it except maybe a week out of the year. But as recently as two years ago (when I lived in Pittsburgh) I wore it all winter long. It is my favorite sweatshirt: 1983 Redskins Champions. For reference, I was born in 1985 and I do not care about football nor do I know what they were champions of. It originally belonged to the family my mom was a nanny for before she had kids. She continued taking care of the kids after she had my brother and received hand-me-downs like the aforementioned sweatshirt. My brother wore it for a couple of years and then grew out of it. I still wear it. It has gone through the softening phase, to the scratchy phase, and on to the not soft but super cozy phase. The print is so faded, you can hardly see the logo, but ‘Redskins’ and ‘1983’ are still legible.

I also have a vintage dress from the 70s or something, but I bought that at a thrift shop, so I don’t count that as much.

Up until really recently, I rocked an “Expo 83” sweatshirt (from one of the world expeditions)… I was also born in 1985. :) I found it in jr. high, in a bag of my Dad’s clothes that my Mom was giving away and had it in rotation as one of my sweaters for all of jr. high and highschool. (I was one of those gals who liked baggy sweaters). Up until I moved to Toronto, I still wore it occasionally around the house, but it was one of those things that didn’t get packed when I moved. I hope it’s still at my parent’s house.

I am a bigger size than I was in high school, but I have a skirt I purchased at the Gap in 1998 that for some reason still fits me perfectly. Maybe I’ve stretched it out? But my Bratmobile shirt from the same era is too tight (that’s probably because my rack was still filling in when I bought it, so my boobs don’t fit it in now). I can’t bear to throw concert tshirts out though, so I have a few in ill repair. My Le Tigre shirt has coffee stains on it, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. But I really should get rid of some things, even my grungy self is starting to notice some wear and tear on some of my work clothes.

I found a black t-shirt from T-Shirts Plus in my drawer not long ago. I’m pretty sure that store closed at my mall when I was in junior high or thereabouts. In the early 90s. Which means that not only do I still have a 20 year old t-shirt, I somehow brought it with me when I moved from Texas to New York. A hell of a lot of my t-shirts and tank tops are about 10 years old. Let’s not talk about socks and underwear. I’ve been trying to phase out a lot of older stuff, but I’m cheap.

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