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New Show Recap: Parenthood Season 4, Episode 5, “There’s Something I Need to Tell You”

Have you seen this week’s episode of Parenthood on NBC? Have you stopped sobbing about it? My eyes may or may not still be red. This week Kristina shares her news, something bad happens with Sarah and Hank, something really bad (but will probably be better in the long run) happens to Julia, and Crosby continues his transformation from man-puppy to man. 


This week we see a little bit more of Julia and Joel, and what we see is Julia coming undone. She’s screwed at work, misses Sydney’s recital, and has what appears to be a panic attack while making breakfast. Joel sees it happening, but is so busy with the kids, it’s hard to say if he knows how serious the problem is.

Adam and Crosby

This week we got a glimpse of Jasmine and Crosby being grown-ups together. In going over their credit card bill, Jasmine gets it out of Crosby that Adam makes considerably more money than Crosby does. The first time Crosby brings it up, Adam shuts him down, but the second time, Adam listens and agrees to even things out.

Sarah and Mark sitting in the bleachers. Drew and Amber are in front of them.
Sarah, you might need to talk to Mark. Or just move in with him. Logical.

Sarah and her Men

Sarah and Hank have a moment in the dark room, and after the fact, Hank admits that he has feelings for her. To solve this problem, she wakes Mark up and takes him on an early morning jog. Toward the end of the episode, she brings up moving in together sooner, rather than when Drew graduates. Really, Sarah? Really?


This week, Kristina and Adam talk to both Haddie and Max about her breast cancer diagnosis. Haddie is noticably upset during their video chat, and later has a heart wrenching conversation with Adam. They also tell Max, who, in typically Max fashion, absorbs it and moves on. As he walks away, Kristina asks Adam, “Do you think he even cares?” Later he mentions it to Amber, and then toward the end of the episode, he starts telling Krisitina about what he’s researched. Yes, Kristina, in his own way, Max does care.

The Baseball Game

The end of the episode brings all of this week’s story lines to a climax–the Braverman clan comes together to cheer Victor on in his very first baseball game. Zeek even brings Ryan, the vet he met at the VFW (Guess who he sits next to! He sits next to Amber! And they talk and smile at each other! Go Amber!).

Julia gets a phone call during the big game. She is summoned to a meeting with the partners, and after a severe reprimand, Julia quits. She thanks them for the past nine years and walks out with her head high. New and interesting things will be happening in Julia’s world this season, me thinks.

The Bravermans jump and cheer in the bleachers
Victor, this is your fan club for everything you do from now on. Treasure them.

After a berating by Zeek, the coach puts Victor in the game. Because it’s television, Victor gets a hit on the third pitch. Because it’s Little League, his mediocre hit turns into a grand slam home run. The Bravermans are over the moon, and bring down the stands. Joel’s face lights up like I’ve never seen, and Victor gets to relish the moment.

After the game, the clan is out for pizza when Haddie walks in. She’s obviously stressed, and beelines for Kristina. And that’s when Kristina knows she has to tell everyone. Just like when she told Adam, the music plays over her actual words, but you know what she’s said, based on all the red eyes on the screen. Oh Kristina.

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