News Appetizers and a Baby Walrus

We’re all atheists now, which is interesting, but more interesting is the cute baby walrus.

A fat, mustachioed orphan finds a home. Because the world is full of difficult news, I know you needed something adorable!

Turkey is threatening Syria. Boo.

The U.S. military secretly (sshhhh!) we sent to Jordan to help deal with the Syrian conflict. Seriously. People are worried this shit is a powderkeg for the region.

America is losing its religion, particularly when it comes to protestantism. The most interesting part of this article, from the LATimes, is the bit that claims that the protestant work ethic is what helped shaped the “national character.” I guess all those closet atheists who helped frame the constitution had nothing to do with it. Or the Irish Catholics. Nope. They had nothing to do with it. Nothing at all. Also, referencing Max Weber when you really don’t understand it is really bad writing.

SCOTUS is debating affirmative action again. The fact that this case has little standing seems to have escaped them. NPR

The United States Anti-Doping agency has released a report about Lance Armstrong and all of that doping stuff.

NATO names General John Allen as the new supreme commander.

Alex Karras of the Detroit Lions passed away on Wednesday. I don’t care about sports, but I’m from Detroit, so I care. USA Today

By [E] Sally Lawton

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I had a family gathering today and some of my relatives were all “blah blah communities and jobs aren’t as good because of the fall in church attendance blah.”

Granted, this was mainly the christian extended family that were saying this, so my side eyes were also about not being jewish inclusive. . . But this is the same extended family that brought pork based sides, so all I could eat was the sloppy joes and the desserts. I might have my blood sugar too high right now, I do think it’s impairing my cognition- not in the same way as alcohol, but this feels worse to me some how.

Lots of people mention the ‘Prostestant work ethic’ in discussing the differences between central & northern Europe, and southern Europe, and between Ireland and the UK (never mind Irish Protestants, Scottish Catholics, Northern Irish Catholics, etc…. anyway).

I have to say I’ve never quite understood what it’s supposed to mean.

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