News Appetizers with Zingers

The news may be serious, but that won’t stop us from having a giggle about some things.

There was a debate on Wednesday. Apparently Mittens did really well and Obama was simply meh. Either way, imma let you finish. NYTimes

Picture of Jim Lehrer at the debates with Kanye West's microphone-stealing VMA appearance superimposed
But you didn’t have to cut me off!

The parliament in Turkey has cleared more military action in Syria. People are really worried this could spill over into the larger region. NYTimes

The Sioux are racing to raise money to purchase land in the Black Hills, which is considered sacred to them. This honestly seems like the greatest long con in history: steal land, make people buy it back a hundred years later. NYTimes

Two frames; Victor Lustig and the Eiffel Tower
It’s a scam Victor Lustig could admire.

I really liked this story from NPR about the first female Marines taking a combat leadership test. It sounds intense. NPR

Facebook hits 1 billion users! We are the borg. Resistance is futile. NPR

Picture of Mark Zuckerberg as the Borg

Hugo Chavez is in the middle of an election. Is this the end of the ugly sweater? Al Jazeera

Columbine-style massacre was foiled in Spain. That’s sad. (The plan, not the foiling.) BBC

Google settles with publishers about scanning books for its library. Have better access to books is always good, but you gotta pay authors. BBC

Bees in France are producing blue honey. Apparently it’s because they’ve been eating M&Ms. BBC

What did you read in the news this week?

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No, I’m so scared of the Borg, take it away, take it awaaaay.

The Dutch ‘langstudeerboete’, the fee for spending too much time on your university-education is going to be canceled. That’s nice, but I hope they don’t forget to adjust some regulation about it.

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