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Open Thread: Monday Night Flashback — Paper Fun

Saturday morning, my girl had a sad face. “Joey knows how to make a fortune teller but he’s not telling anyone. And I want to make one!” My response, “A fortune teller you make out of paper?” 

Why yes, that was what she was referring to. Imagine her surprise when she found out that her MOTHER knew how to make them! That fortune tellers, were, in fact, invented when I was a kid.

I was a bit rusty on the topic, and after folding in all of the corners once, I was stuck. This is where YouTube (which was not invented during the height of my fortune teller phase), came in handy. A quick view of this video and we were in business.

What kind of paper things did you make when you were a kid? Did you fold your notes a special way? Make stars? How’s your week starting off?

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So much lady MacGyvering last night because the TVs in this hotel room will not turn the fuck off and I need it dark to sleep. It’s one of those rooms laid out like a suite so I found the plug on the one near my bed and ganked it. The one over by the couch area however is mounted to the wall with no easily locateable power cord. And it reflects off the vanity mirror, which reflects off the mirrored closest door which reflects into the bed. I got a bit clever with hanging towels on things and moving the closet door, but it still wasn’t really dark enough for my tastes. Also the bed was hard.

What I’m saying is I didn’t sleep well and I am grumpy.

I loved making fortune tellers! My other paper craft that I was obsessed with as a kid
was the paper chains counting down to holidays. I made them until I was way too old. When I was sick last year I used a huuuuuge paper chain to count down all the days till I was done with treatment. Was awesome tearing that last link. Plus… I love paper and all things origami. ORIGAMI GAAAAAH. But the fortune teller is my first origami. You never forget your first. <3

Oh. My. God. My skin is crawling. A few weeks ago we found bedbugs at work (I work at a drug treatment center). We made everybody wash all their clothes and bedding and had the place sprayed, but this weekend they found more. We’ve got exterminators coming back every 30 days for at least the next 6 months. I don’t have any bites, and they were only found in bedrooms, but I’m still freaking out. I called an exterminator about doing my house, but she told me that if I don’t have bites I shouldn’t spend the money until I know I actually have them at home. I just ordered mattress, box spring, and pillow covers from amazon. Hopefully they will protect my super expensive mattress. It was a big splurge for me and I really don’t want to have to throw it out.

Does anybody have experience with bedbugs? What should I be doing to avoid bringing them home?

Job hunting = meh. Being seriously broke = terrifying. Seriously, I have $10 right now. I have a $200 fee to pay my stupid apartment management company AND rent is coming up (plus phone bill). Nevermind that my food supply is dwindling. I have rice, some canned beans, some dried beans, a bag of egg noodles, and half a box of spaghetti and half a jar of sauce. I have no idea how this is going to work.

BUT. I am watching Angel on Netflix (I’m at season 4 ep 17), and I’ve realized something. Xander may be the only one of the Scoobies (or Fang Gang) who never turned on the gang OR innocent bystanders. Aside from his tendencies to go into Nice Guy Lite territory.

And I am in full-on allergy attack mode. Thanks, smokers in crowded outdoor spaces!

It’s been a long Monday. I’m seriously considering applying to other grad/PhD programs, if only to try to get a fresh start on things. Not being in this city, being around new people I didn’t feel like I let down…sounds good, right?

Then again, I might just be feeling this way because I haven’t really talked to anyone about all this yet. The counseling has been helping, but it’s still excruciating trying to drag myself out of this pit.

I might just apply for new programs and see what happens. I mean, if I get into a PhD program NOW and get funding, then I won’t have to do it later. And, I won’t be *here* anymore. But, if I don’t, then I can keep trying to fix these issues. Maybe it’s worth a shot? I’d have to go back to my undergraduate professors to get letters of recommendation, and I have no idea if it’ll reflect so badly on me that this semester went south that I won’t get in.

I can’t imagine trying and failing at finding a new program hurting me in more than just some time and the money to pay the application fees.

Really, the more I type about it, the better the idea seems.

I think applying to other programs sounds like a great idea. Even if you decide not to go to any of them it gives you control and, more importantly, options, which is key when you’re feeling stuck. I’ve always found that throwing myself against a wall until I stick is painful but better than that lovely ‘cat in a wet paper bag’ feeling.

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