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Persephone Lounge is Open For Business: OT for 10/11/12

You guys! I love P-Mag’s birthday week! I’ve been catching up on all the outstanding posts from the last few days, in between a totally crazy work week and not quite enough sleep. I’d also like to share with you one of the wonders of the modern world: Trader Joe’s s’mores ice cream sandwiches. I’ve polished off two boxes of them in a week. I think I have a problem.

Come on in, get comfy, and tell us about something awesome or delicious, or awesomely delicious.

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Guise, guise! Allow me to introduce to you a dashing young singer-songwriter AND MUSTN’T FORGET, AN ECSTATIC DANCER, who is being described as a mix of Bryan Ferry, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and Patrick Wolf. This is Gabriel Bruce’s brand new video.

(TW: the song is uplifting and the video is fantastic IMO, but the imagery is slightly disturbing, as he appears to be gravely wounded.)

I am getting increasingly frustrated with people who aren’t voting because all politicians are essentially the same and it won’t matter anyway.


Some friends say they want to vote third party, but it still won’t make a difference. It will if you vote enough.

I just can’t even anymore.

In other news, I’m watching Vampire Diaries and having a Friday night in. Go me.

Today was an orange day. I got a new orange office chair at work, wore my fab new orange coat to said work and bought a see-through orange macbook case I’ve been lusting after for ages. Orange.

I am also just exhausted this week. Broken up sleep cause one kitty had surgery and neither of the two of them are sleeping right therefor neither am I.

M’kay. I’m going to sleep before I whine anymore. Trying to think calm happy orange thoughts instead of whiny resentful ones.

I am absolutely enraged. This is what Canadians call a ‘tenpercenter’. It’s a taxpayer funded flyer sent out by federal members of parliament. It is completely real. I cannot believe these assholes have a majority government.

I am about to post on her FB page (though I’m sure it won’t last long). She mentions she is celebrating the International Day of Girls…. same MP who also voted in favour of opening up the definition of ‘personhood’.

Can someone help me decide what to say? I want to be calm and scathing, but right now I’m just angry and sputtering.

ETA: How come the picture isn’t showing up? I inserted it into the editor?

Ohhhhh, wow. That is some terrible and frightening stuff. Those are some DAMN inflammatory questions, too. Let’e rephrase them: Do YOU believe that we shouldn’t treat people with compassion, that we shouldn’t help those in need, that we shouldn’t kick people while they are done? If so, you know who to vote for.

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