Pseudo NaNoWriMo: Are You Ready?

So NaNoWriMo is almost upon us! If you’ve been reading the NaNo pep talks that Bryn Donovan has been writing, you should be good to go, since she’s giving really good tips to get you set before November first hits.

Are you ready?

But have some of you chosen to use this as an opportunity to finish up other novels you’ve been plugging away at before starting something new? There’s nothing wrong with that; it’s good to finish what you have going before starting something else.

So who else is doing this? What is your novel about? Mine is a YA fantasy based on the true story of a young Creole heiress who disappeared at sea in the late 1780s, the first in a series.  What are you writing?

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Mine is straight up literary fiction, set in Manchester, England, concerning two men who are navigating a new relationship with one another, and trying to work their way out of the drug-related mess their club owner boss (who is the cousin of one of them) has managed to get himself into (and by extension, everyone around him).

(Ugh and I promise that the writing is better than my poorly worded summary.)

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