Recipe Review: Easy Pad Thai

Another week, another new recipe put to the ultimate test, my kitchen. Imagine, if you will, a room lined in stainless steel, its floor an impenetrable tile surface, the imposing appliances and dim light only increase the feeling of being enclosed. This is a fortress of culinary creation from which you will not escape. This is where I make… my creations.

I found this week’s recipe on foodgawker. When I clicked over to the actual website (and this is the point where you could click over to the actual website too), I was astonished, flabbergasted really, to discover that this recipe had made the rounds on Pinterest. I have nothing against Pinterest. It is a lovely way to waste some time. But the recipes I associate with Pinterest can best be described as “a whole lot of work for very little pay-off.” This, my dear friends, is not one of them.

This is a quick and easy pad thai that could be a solid contender for my every-day deliciousness rotation. It involves mostly common ingredients, allows for experimentation on the part of the cook, and smells really great throughout the whole process. While I wasn’t knocked off my boots, and while I can still get better Thai food at the hole-in-the-refurbished-old-timey-bank restaurant down the street, I can’t get it for this cheap and I really can’t get it in my underpants at 2 a.m. (please don’t take the last part of this sentence out of context).

Now, with that said, there are a few changes I would make. For starters, double the sauce. I don’t know anyone who just makes half a package of noodles in one sitting. The recipe calls for half a package. Make the whole thing and make double the sauce. You won’t be sorry. For seconders (har har), try adding a little chili oil in the cooking process. I am mildly in love with chili oil. It adds a nice heat without being painful or overwhelming. I didn’t use any egg and the recipe still worked, but I cannot attest to how much or how little egg you should have. You’re on your own there, folks!

There are two things I particularly love about this recipe. First, all the pictures. I cannot get good food photographs to save my life. Believe me, I have tried and tried in hopes that I could make this column slightly more visually appealing. I’ve even tried using Instagram, since I saw how effectively it was utilized in a Taco Bell commercial, but no dice. This lady takes some really inviting pictures, and it makes the whole cooking process go much more smoothly.

Second, this is a super easy recipe to modify or build on. I added some fresh broccoli and fried tofu to the noodles and it was awesome. My mouth and gut absolutely do not regret that decision at all. I might have to make a wee bit more sauce just to cover the extra food bulk, but that’s ok. It is worth all the limes in the world.

So there it is. Another successful interaction with an online recipe. So far it is two-for-two. I might be starting to push my luck.

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