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This Open Thread has Dinosaurs on the Brain

Tonight at work, I got the song from “Dinosaurs” stuck in my head, and now it won’t. go. away.  I’ve heard that the only way to get rid of an earworm is to pass it on, so this is my gift to y’all.

Happy Wednesday!

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Whelp. I have survived the trip to the land of the middle aged white man (national sales meeting in a male dominated field). I was one of a whole two, Two! women in the sales team (there were a few more from customer service but the lady to dude ratio was still 1:25 or so). I wanna go on a women’s retreat or something just to balance myself back out. Blerg.

Ah! I saw that the entire series of Dinosaurs is on Netflix the other night. I watched the first episode and it was actually way more depressing and stereotyped than I remembered it being…. Gotta say, I was a little disappointed.

On a completely other topic. There is a d00d on Facebook I’m friends with (who’s actually a friend of my BF), and he touts himself as being all super liberal and feminist and everyone equality, always posting political things about all the rapey comments and abortion comments. But he puts on headings/comments like this with them: “Pro-Life = Anti-Choice. Always.” And I… I blind rage at my computer at 6:30am with a cereal bowl in one hand. I honestly just had to fight the urge to verbally smackdown this guy. How can you a person always be posting about how terrible it is that other people (read: Republicans in his opinion) generalize minorities and women, BUT THEN HE GENERALIZES JUST AS MUCH ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE!!! AAARRRGGGG!

/rant before I have to go to work…

The same happened to me when I turned it on. Granted, I didn’t really remember it very well (or at all) since I was very very little at the time, but I DO know I watched it constantly because it had dinosaurs in it.

And fauxgressives are frustrating. I hate them because they’re the people that I feel like should be on my side, but in reality…they are part of the problem.

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