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This Open Thread Says “Trick or Treat!”

It’s Halloween, kids! 

Are you in costume, handing out candy to the ghouls and goblins, or are you like me, in your pajamas, hiding in the dark and pretending not to be home because you forgot to buy candy, and by “forgot,” I mean “bought four bags and already ate it all”?

So what is it, Persephoneers? Trick or treat?

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Because I’ve been dealing with a cold, I started in last night. I was planning on doing some reading and going to bed early, but then I realized that some fruit I was planning to preserve was on the verge of going bad so I made quince and pear jam and canned it all by myself. It looks beautiful! :)

We’re pretty lax about Halloween. We get so few kids we don’t even bother to get candy (we wait until next day clearance :-)

We don’t do t & t with J. He’s still pretty indifferent to both candy and costumes so we find other things to do. Tonight it was Chuck E Cheese, and fucking a, if you ever want to go there and not have to deal with kids, Halloween is the time to do it. There was one other small family there, and it was glorious. It’s the first time I’ve ever been that I didn’t leave with a skull splitting headache.

We took Lexie out trick-or-treating ridiculously early so that we’d have time to get home and make dinner before Jeopardy. I bought some candy, but we had a ton of leftovers from a parade we went to last month that was all stuff we hated, so we got rid of it first. We turned off the lights during Jeopardy and then again right after Lexie went to sleep, but we still had a lot of kids come through. Fortunately no one rang the bell while she was dancing around the house naked right before her bath. Because she would have answered the door that way. Oh, to be 3 1/2 again!

Trick or treating was held last weekend in my neck of the woods. So as has been the tradition for many a year I am watching the greatest Halloween movie of all time: Hocus Pocus. I teach at an elementary school and today we had the costume parade. Seriously one of my favorite days of the school year.
1. The costumes are adorable
2.classroom parties
4.and just plain good fun.
I’m eating chips to counter act all the candy I ate at school today, that’s how it works right?

I received the nicest compliment today!
I have been a SAHM for almost 7 years…so I’m thoroughly unemployed. However, I absolutely love to volunteer at my kids’ elementary school (I was even awarded a pin last year that reads “Great Volunteer”). Today, I made a passing comment to my youngest daughter’s 1st grade teacher that I have a degree in education and she immediately told me I HAD to apply as a substitute because she would love to have me sub for her. I think I’m going to do it!

I dressed up to go to a neighborhood potluck where there were many kids running around in all manner of awesome homemade costume. I think it’s ridiculous that Halloween is pretty much the only time I use eye-liner ever (I was a pirate). I did buy a bag of candy in case there were trick-or-treaters, but I guess I live just off the main street enough that no one comes to our door. Mini-3 Musketeers for me!! Then SO and I watched a pretty ridiculous 80s horror movie (American Werewolf in London) in pajamas.

And now, back to doing some last minute homework before classes all weekend… I have to give a presentation of the theoretical framework of my dissertation, but a lot of the theory comes from population dynamics and extinction theory. I usually try and keep my presentations light and use a couple of nerd-y joke-y slides (especially at conferences), but this is supposed to be “professional” and I’ve been encouraged to “take this more seriously” than a previous presentation for this particular prof. Ugh. 20 minutes of extinction theory and population declines from mostly human-caused problems is going to suck.

Both? I was in my sweatpants, handing out huge handfuls of candy to the ten kids we get every year on our tiny rural road. The weather is gross here. We’re stuck between the cold snowy system from the west and warm rain from Sandy on the east coast. So……..Halloween sleet. Poor kiddos.

I have been teaching third grade for a week and a half now, so I heard about Halloween all day. The class I’m in has all the “oddball” kids. Other teachers have noticed that 75% of the class is made up of weird misfits. My kind of people. We’re getting along pretty well, I would say. The teacher checked in with the parents, and I’m apparently a huge hit. That having been said, teaching is not for the faint of heart, and the number of times a day, I think, “SHUT UP. Ms. G. doesn’t CARE about your problems. She has to PEE,” would probably mortify those same parents.

Also, I got a note from one of the boys to one of the girls (who was absent) that says, ” Dear Robin, can I chase you at recess? Please answer yes or no. Feel better soon. Please don’t be mad at me. Your friend, Sam.” It was adorable, and I may have stolen it to giggle at, after telling Sam we don’t pass notes in class.

I’m drinking a beer, listening to Mumford and Sons new album, and enjoying the pumpkins the SO and I just carved. I have candy, but our apt. complex is pretty kid free, so I’ve been enjoying it guilt free.

Later tonight, we’re going to go see Cloud Atlas. So treats all around.

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