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This OT is Running on Empty

Is it really only Wednesday? It’s been a week of late nights and early mornings so far.

Here’s a little something that seems to fit the mood for this week. Let’s vent in the comments!


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I’m feeling rather tickled by having discovered there’s a sex position called “The Glowing Juniper”. Given everything that’s happening, it was just the moment of cheer I needed. Still very much comforted by the loveliness posted by others when I rambled on about all the happenings in the Juniper Household. It seems never ending, though. Am at this moment torn between complete relief and a desire to bawl, as Juniper Puss is at the vets and will be there overnight. Yesterday evening I was able to make an appointment for this morning, left him there for tests to be run, and there’s good news that of all the causes for his being not well, the vet’s hope is that he has the most easily treated and least frightening cause, but he has to stay in overnight anyway. Just hoping that it is what the vet suspects. I miss my puss-cat. And Mr. Juniper and I have yet to tell Juniper Junior that his best friend isn’t well. Oh goodness.

It has been a long week hasn’t it? I was sick over the weekend and ended up passing it along to the BF, so we haven’t gotten much done.

Tomorrow we’re headed down to NOLA for a concert, then we are going to look at a wedding venue I’ve been eyeing for awhile and houses… Ah! Grown up stuff!

Only two more days to this week. I’m reaching the end of my rope. I haven’t worked full time in 4 years and just returned to work at 40hrs after six months of medical leave and I’m just starting to fray around the edges. I just need to get out of town and go somewhere else and not be *here*. I couldn’t go anywhere while I was sick so it’s just feeling very compounded right now. Arg.

On the other hand I have wine. It’s delicious.

That seems utterly reasonable that you’re feeling that way. It’s a huge leap to go from medical leave to full time work, especially considering that medical leave is not the holiday that many people consider it to be. Hope you can get out of town and take some time for yourself before long. And wine sounds like a good idea.

I’m not using my time wisely/writing enough on the Major Assignment I have coming due soon. Major Assignment actually being 1/3 of the qualifying requirements to continue onto official PhD Candidacy. I keep saying “well, if I could just get a day to write and not have to do anything else I would totally catch up”. Except that I will not get a day to write and catch up because I have a million things going on, all of which seem to think they deserve my undivided attention.

UGH! I just want to be done! I want to lock myself in a tiny cabin (with electricity and internet and heat) and ignore everything and everyone. Oh the luxury to just be able to do one thing at a time!

My documents for my field/candidacy exam just went out to my exam committee today (actually about ten minutes ago). I am sort of freaking out… now, to wait a month for my defense. Anyways, I am just popping in here to say that you’ve got this, twiddle. There were several times over the past few months where I contemplated quitting/stopping/didn’t want to write etc….and now I am at this point (and slightly scared!). You can do it too! :)

Being in debt sucks so hard. Long story short, several long standing debts have come out of the ether this past week and I owe a lot of people (er, corporations) a lot of money. Annnnd I make less than $20k a year so I’m already pretty poor and now I get to be even poorer, yay! Lots of financial related depression this week :( Any get rich quick tips? So far I’m looking into selling my kidneys on the black market.

And yes this week is taking freaking forever. I just want Saturday to get here so I can have my one day off and try to destress.

I for sure will! I was disappointed with the meat filling because it was flavored with curry powder and thyme, neither of which I ever tasted in African cuisine, but I thought, “Maybe they are the mystery flavors!” Guess I was wrong. Still, the pastry crust was lovely because it used butter instead of shortening. :)

Tomorrow a work crew is coming over to asses the water damage on our roof. We have no idea how extensive the repair will be and I have no idea how we are going to pay for it. And since we live outside of Savannah, GA, I just want to bury my head in the sand and not even think about all the mold!

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