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This Weekend Open Thread is a Binder Full of Women

And there’s a paper-sized Lisa Frank unicorn sticker on the cover. 

Come on in and tell us all about the things in your life. I’m going to playing with my Sims for the first time since January tonight and tomorrow, expect screenshots in the comments.

An adult and child unicorn with rainbow tails and horns are snuggling together.

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So I recently got a shiny new MacBook air. I fucking love this thing, and because of that love it has taken me a little over a month to realize that the MacBook is giving me wicked eye strain and nausea. Apparently LED screens can do that to a small portion of the population. I didn’t even know this was a thing until recently. I’ve just adjusted the color temperature on my monitor to something warmer, and I think the nausea/dizziness has gone away. I’m really worried that this is going to damage my eye sight though… I’ve worried about that with other monitors that I never had this problem with. So bummed that I spent over $1000 and of course only realize this problem after the month return policy expired. Of course.

Saw the boyfriend, had the sexy times, Halloween costume was described as “business vampire.” Productive weekend. I did have a moment where I got all science-y describing how some scientists say that a love of football is about fulfilling a need for groupishness in a modern society where we don’t tribally war with one another. The girl doing my makeup stopped and went, “I forgot how smart you are. It’s just so cuuuute!” I didn’t know whether to be offended or not. And the bf wonders why I have weird social anxiety around his friends.

“In less than a decade women will have to help men emancipating because they have become a third rate human being and unnecessary in every way. Are [you] women happy now? Saying no to everything while walking in clothes that are inspired by male clothing and refusing men to have change in their lives.”

This in a topic about a guy that likes to wear skirts but can’t get the freaking picture that not everybody believes that that’s the next stage for mankind ..

I’m all for men in skirts. Scottish and Viking men have been doing it for centuries, as have men throughout Carribean/Southeast Asia/tropical regions. They’re airy and comfy. Attractive men in skirts: ooh my yes.

I highly doubt that it is us wymenzes that are keeping down the skirt-wearing men in industrialized societies.

Also: curious that if women become first-rate in society and men are apparently the “third-rate” who need emancipation, who is second-rate in that magical future world where everyone is rated by how we dress alone?

I am so excited about this Thai takeaway that is on its way to me right now. Packing makes a person hungry.

I’m not actually doing any of the packing, mind you, but still. Two nights til my boyfriend and I have our very own apartment!:)

I’m pretty sure that football season comes really close to ruining my relationship with the SO. Every. Single. Year.

The funny thing is that I like to watch football. *to a limit
But when it’s gets to the point of him watching pro football for 10 hours a day on weekends, falling asleep to football instead of coming to bed at a reasonable hour most nights a week (college or pro football depending on the night), which then means he toddles to bed around 1 or 2 am and generally sleeps like crap, plus for some reason his opinion on the optimum time for sex is during half-time. This does not go over well for me, so it’s been… a while… since we’ve had the sexytimes.

How does one suggest that SO needs a fucking hobby and to stop watching so much goddamn TV?

Today I am really glad to be living in the midwest, far from hurricanes and tsunamis and so forth. We are just about Halloweeened out around here. This week is the first full wee of school for both children since the week of October 5th. So excited their collective fall breaks ar over. I am ready for a break from fall break.

Hurricane Sandy is heading my way (I’m in Philly) and I’m on prednisone for a random allergic reaction so I can’t even drink my way through the storm :(

Alternate agenda: watch lots of new Who (I’m mid season 4 currently), clean my apartment, and take lots of naps.

P.s. can anyone help me fix my gif problem? I still can’t post them correctly. PMag without gifs is giving me the sads.

Oh prednisone. I do not miss you. NO INDEED, SIR.

Sorry you’re on it. I hope you are not on it long enough to get moon-face. Ugh. The memories. The NOT-DRINKING. Still not quite over that. Though wine is helping. Hope your allergies clear up soon!

….and that the hurricane doesn’t do any damage, of course. Though you do have Who which is good! Season 4 is the BEST. Which episode are you on?

My feelings about Prednisone, in gif form (we will see if my luck with gifs is better – these also express my feelings about not being able to add gifs):

I’m only on it for a few days, so not long enough for the hardcore side effects. Although my stomach feels gross and things don’t taste the same. I had the girl at Dunkin Donuts remake my coffee (which was just an iced coffee black, nothing special) because it tasted funny. I felt like an asshole because I realized halfway through her getting me a second one that it was just the meds. Whoops.

I on the episode where Martha Jones shows up again. I only watched half of the Fires of Pompeii because I just wasn’t feeling it. :-/ But that one episode! Where Rose shows up at the end! Then vanishes! I can’t wait to see where that storyline goes. And I will probably cry again.

I went to a therapist because I feeling crazy. Unable to control any of my emotions. Felt like a Grade-A basket case. Rage-face all the time, sobbing mess the rest, anxiety hardcore. Asked her if maybe it was all the adjustment with no-cancer, job stress, life, whatever. She took one look at my (super-long) meds history. Convo went down like this:
“You’re… on prednisone.”
“Yeah? It’s for my lungs.”
“Nobody told you it can make you angry? Irritable?”
“Oh. Well that’s it. It can heighten your emotions.”
And I burst into tears. Naturally.

Yup, that’s the issue I’m having. I screenshot-ed it below in case that helps. I noticed it started up right after the birthday extravaganza, not sure if that’s when it started for others.

I’ve tried doing the HTML option before and had the same result but I’ll try again!

As someone who spends about 1/4 of the year on Prednisone, I have it on the authority of multiple doctors and nurses that drinking in moderation is totally okay. They just don’t want people to binge or have chronic alcoholism and kill their livers. A glass of wine is perfectly acceptable.

I am with Fella at his mom’s for the weekend. She feeds us a TON of food, which makes up for being in the “combine rice and dried beans” stage (since I have that and instant grits left).

He and his mom have been doing outdoor stuff, but I’ve had the week of extremely sensitive and reactive allergies (or possibly a cold) and I’m trying NOT to repeat that this week, so I helped with all of the indoor stuff that needed doing. I can’t spend another week getting very little done and not feeling well enough for any kind of interviews or even bus trips through town (my trip to get allergy medicine Tuesday led to throwing up during a walking portion on the way back from the grocery store).

And since she has a party to go to tonight, he and I are going to see Silent Hill Revelation. And having chili for dinner first. And church is being skipped by all of us tomorrow in favor of sleeping in (not something I’m complaining about!), with another probable big breakfast.

Stressful things: my rent will be due the 1st, and I have exactly three dollars. Phone bill is due the 5th (and Netflix, which I can do without if I have to). I don’t even know what I can do at this point, aside from make it easy to move all of my crap when I get evicted. Whee!

I’m also checking the weather somewhat obsessively. North Carolina hasn’t been in the direct path of Sandy, but I’d rather have an idea about what’s happening. And know whether we’re coming back to (or staying in) Charlotte. (Fella and I have already had the “if an evacuation is necessary, I’m coming with him to his mom’s” conversation, with a side of “if it’s bad enough to close things for a few days but not evacuation-worthy, I’m staying in his guest room”; we’ve agreed that leaving me in my apartment, which will probably be empty and with a good chance of most of the neighborhood being empty, is not an option.)

If you are in the hurricane/nor’easter danger zone, STAY HOME (or wherever you’re safest) and be safe and warm and possibly have some booze. Or lots of booze.

I woke up this morning and my stomach is seriously angry at me. Twice to the bathroom now: twice! I really hope this fixes itself by this afternoon when I told my neighbor I’d watch her kids for a few hours. Babysitting and digestive problems do not go well together…

So…turns out the married couple still wants to sleep with me, despite the whole molluscum contagiosum from a few weeks ago. They want me to come spend the night tomorrow night but I’m not sure when my period is supposed to start. I’ve been trying to find bc pills that agree with my body and this is the first month I’ve been on this particular pill. The last two pills were making my period start at the beginning of the 3rd week instead of the beginning of the 4th and it was lasting on average 11 days. The 4th week starts on Monday and I still haven’t started my period which makes me have hope that this pill will keep things on track. I realllllly wanna spend the night with the married couple tomorrow night but I’m nervous about starting my period in their bed. What do ya’ll handle this when sleeping with newish lovers?

Periods are so gross. I wish I could flip a switch and turn it off for forever.

Ooo I’ve been in that situation, it’s not a fun place to be. It’s harder with newish lovers, but if you explain that your BC pills are making your period go wacko I’m sure they’ll understand. I would slip back into undies plus a mini pad after the sexytimes are over, so you can buy some time to run to the bathroom if it comes. That way you can still sleep over, but don’t have to worry about wrecking their sheets!

Same here. I went out and raked leaves away from the pipes that shunt water out of the gutters and away from the house so that hopefully they won’t get backed up. We tend to run into trouble with the storm drains overflowing the creek in back to the point that water backs up into the street and then comes into the house; the creek was dredged after the whole neighborhood was flooded during Irene and Lee last year but now the creek is full of leaves and I really hope it doesn’t back up again.

Also, I made my daughter a really cute Halloween costume this year and now I don’t know if she’ll get to trick-or-treat. She at least got to wear it to ballet on Thursday, but that may be it. :/

I’m heading off to the first of two Halloween parties of the weekend in a few moments. Also tomorrow I am getting my hair chopped off. I can tuck it into the waistband of my pants and I hate the amount of work it takes to keep it clean and nice. I’m going for something just past my shoulders length. Long enough to get it up in a pony tail if I want to, but short enough not to be such a pain in my ass.

I bounce back and forth between super short and super long a lot. My hair grows really fast. Four years ago it was about 2 inches long. Can’t get images to work, but the short hair is me from 2008 (holy crap do I look like a baby in that picture 0_o) and the long hair picture is from May of this year.

My hair is currently super-short – less than an inch – and I have been trying to grow it out while keeping the back and around the ears trimmed. I’m really annoyed right now because I had it cut last Tuesday by a new girl and she butchered all of my efforts. She left the top area alone (mostly – it is much shorter – which I understand as far as keeping hair even and healthy) but the sides are about half an inch (maybe). The back? UGH. She didn’t even really trim the very bottom. I went in because that part was getting unmanageable (it starts to look mullet-y if I don’t stay on top of it in the back). The other stylists I’ve seen have actually taken clippers to the back part to get it to a short enough growth that I can wait 2-3 weeks between trimmings. I already need a trim because the bottom corners are poofing out! WHICH IS WHY I WENT IN! So annoyed and disappointed.

I’ve never had short hair before so I don’t really know what to ask for but I know I told her straight out that I mostly just wanted to get around the ears and the back trimmed – and to just cut that into my existing hair style. Think I’ll go back to the stylist I had last time.

Don’t get me wrong I love having short hair and don’t intend to grow it out even when I get a little length. I would like a LITTLE length though. I mean I’m glad I’m not bald anymore but I would still like my hair to look a bit softer and more feminine. Just disappointed and no way to fix it beyond waiting for it to grow out again.

That is the weirdest feeling. I just ran through my hair history with my stylist last week — permed and past my shoulders for pretty much my 4 years of college, but I know I got it cut SHORT every summer, and it just grew back like nobody’s business. I have no idea how I stood it’s weight then. My hair is very thick, so now it’s just below my ears, and I get it thinned every other cut.

I tend to go between fairly long (bottom of shoulderblades at the shortest, usually closer to waist length) and short (just long enough for a ponytail, but stopping at the base of the neck when dry).

I chopped mine back to the short stage last week after growing it out for a year (it was about at the bottom of the shoulderblades). It was just bugging me, for a few weeks, and I needed a change.

Question for (sometimes) long-haired ladies: I haven’t had hair longer than past my chin since I was around 11 years old. Most of these haircuts were failures because my hair is wavier than the sleek bob I’d been trying for. For the last couple of years, I’ve been working hard to grow it out, except now that it’s longer, it’s so frizzy and dried out! I don’t remember my hair looking like this! It’s not chemical-frizz, I stopped dyeing it a couple of years ago, and I’ve been trying to use really good conditioners, but my scalp is oily and sometimes it just makes my hair look oily. I think I’m inheriting my mom’s frizzy mop (which she yells at in the mirror sometimes) late in life. What should I do?

Maybe try just conditioning the ends of your hair? Or else change shampoos. Sometimes if you have a super tough shampoo (like the kinds that sometimes get recomended for oily hair) it can irratate your scalp into being extra oily. I also have friends that swear by leave in conditioners for dry hair, but I’ve always liked the kind you use in the shower. Lush’s American Cream is my personal favorite all purpose conditioner. (And I use Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo) Maybe see if you can find some sample sizes of a few different ones to try out?

How often are you washing? I used to have the frizz problem, but I’ve cut down to about 2-3 washes per week and my hair is much nicer than it used to be. Try not to heat style more than once or twice a week either. Also, consider a better pillowcase, maybe even silk. Cotton can cause your hair to frizz like woah.

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