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Top Five Tuesday: Badassery

What makes you feel badass? Or maybe it’s not so much a feeling of badassness, but a boost of confidence, the kind that puts a little bounce in your step. I know there are a few things that I can always count on to help me feel that I can take on the world.

SaraB’s Top Five Confidence Boosters

  1. Boots. Whenever I am wearing a good solid pair of boots, I walk differently. My stride takes on an element of “Don’t get in my way.”
  2. A leather or denim jacket. Call it a throwback to my wild youth, but a bitchin’ jacket makes me feel good.
  3. Red lipstick. I don’t normally wear makeup, but when I do I like deep red shades that say “Why yes, I am sexy, thankyouverymuch.”
  4. Lumber. That’s right, large pieces of wood. I used to be a carpenter, and when I pick up a stack of 2″x4″s or a sheet of plywood, I still feel powerful. Same goes for my favorite hammer. Remembering that I am strong gives me a feeling that I can do anything.
  5. “I’ve Been Lonely For So Long,” by Frederick Knight. There are a lot of songs that make me feel cool, and this is one of my favorites. When I say “cool,” I don’t mean “OMG, that is so cool!” I mean like Samuel L. Jackson cool. The kind of cool that allows one to say “[My wallet’s] the one that says ‘Bad Motherfucker'”

I mean, come on. I don’t normally go for falsetto, but the baseline in this song is just so damn sexy.

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…I can’t think of any. :(

I’ve gotten five job rejections this week, and it’s only Wednesday. Nothing positive, just “not YOU” e-mails. And my stupid apartment’s management company decided that the carpet in my previous apartment was destroyed, and even though I wasn’t the one to destroy it (it was a bit stained when I moved in), because I subleased it’s my responsibility. Even though I lived there for six months, not a year and a half (like the girl I subleased from). And I have to come up with the payment for that AND my rent without a job by the end of the month (not to mention my phone bill and, um, food).

But I haven’t been out of work long enough to qualify for anything, and temp jobs suck because you don’t stay anywhere long enough to qualify for unemployment, and NOBODY WANTS TO HIRE ME and I am a failure as a human person.

Trying my hand at something for the first time and finding out it’s not difficult for me at all. That’s always a boost. Or anything that makes me feel self-sufficient, really. I dislike having to ask for help (which I acknowledge is not necessarily a healthy attitude).

1. Knowing more about fixing things things than my boyfriend. This is a little petty, but take that gender rolls!

2. Wearing a corset. I cannot slouch and my stomach is cased in so many layers of fabric that you could probably punch me and I would barely feel it.

3. My motorcycle jackets. One is heavy leather, the other has armored plates in it.

4. Listening to Bruce Springsteen songs. I like to blare “Darlington County” when I’m having a bad day.

I’ll have to think about those confidence boosters. In the mean time, I’ve not long woken up to these two pieces of news: Culture Secretary Maria Miller, who is also in charge of women’s issues and equalities policy, said the legal limit for abortions should be cut from 24 weeks to 20 and Christian Institute: There aren’t enough gays in UK to justify giving them equal rights. At the moment, the best response my mind can form involves a lot of expletives.

Cutting the limit just boggles my mind. There’s no good reason for it except squeamishness. Fetuses at 20 weeks just aren’t able to survive outside the womb (which is, as I understand it, the rationale for the 24-week limit, that 50% of babies born at that gestation would survive with the best care).

ETA: for anyone interested the UK parliamentary report is here :

Viability discussion starts on p13.

Can anyone help with a site question, please.  Even when I check the box to be notified of follow up comments via email, I don’t get them.  I also just discovered that I no longer get notice when I have a PM, as I’ve had one for a couple of weeks and never noticed.  Did I accidently change a setting and not realise it?  Thanks!

Boots definitely make me feel like kicking ass and taking names.

Making things, especially with fire and sharp tools – knowing my way around serious power tools and that I can weld makes me feel awesome.

Being able to fix broken things around the house (being forced to help with that kind of stuff growing up really paid off, but don’t tell my parents they were right).

Running. I’m kind of terrible at it, but I don’t care. It makes me feel strong.

Fancy underwear, for some odd reason. Knowing that if for some reason my pants fell off, I’d still look hot in my purple undies is kinda powerful when you need some extra oompf to face the day.

Sometimes really ridiculous nail polish can give me a confidence boost. Ass-kicking boots used to put me in a total badass mood; I need new ones. I always loved when a really angry song would come on my mp3 player as I was walking from the subway to work; there’s something about walking in time with Linkin Park or Tool that would make me feel like nobody could fuck with me. And in a completely different direction, I get really stoked when I can actually nail a pirouette without wobbling. I didn’t take dance until college and am the opposite of graceful, so this is quite a feat for me. Also, good boob days.

Totally off-topic, but I recently came into a fortune in salmon (seriously, there’s like a whole fillet, and I live by myself), and I remember reading somewhere about salting salmon, and I could have sworn it was here on Persephone but now I can’t find the article.

Anyone know what I’m talking about and/or where I can find a good recipe to salt salmon at home? I do not have access to a smoker. I would really like some homemade lox, though.

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