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Top Five Tuesday: Halloween Candy

I considered doing something less cliché, but in the end my love of candy won out. What were/are your favorite treats to find in your trick-or-treat sack? Mine are the same as they were when I was a kid:

  1. Snickers
  2. Crunch Bars
  3. Kit Kat
  4. Smarties (Rockets for our Canadian friends)
  5. Gobstoppers

I have heard that chocolate is no longer king in the Halloween game. Apparently kids are looking for sour gummy-type candies instead, but I refuse to believe it. I truly can’t imagine this holiday without whispered rumors of the house that has full sized Hershey bars being passed around with awe.

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12 replies on “Top Five Tuesday: Halloween Candy”

[in no particular order]
you remember the little tootsie rolls that were different flavors (vanilla, raspberry, etc). those.
peppermint patties
3 musketeers
peanut m&ms

Okay. Twizzlers are number one. Every time. Halloween or not. I eat them waaay too much.

1) M&Ms
2) 3 Muskateers
3) Snickers
4) Reeses
5) Twix

My kids have had a plethora of pre-Halloween candy, and it’s been fun watching their preferences. My son is partial to M &Ms & Reese’s, as well as his new discovery this year, “Kitty Kats”. My daughter also loves the M&Ms, and seems also rank Snickers high on her list. They’ve also been enamored with Nerds, which I have to say, are more delicious than I remember.

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