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Top Five Tuesday: More Music of the Night

As part of her “31 Days of Halloween” series, Slay Belle gave us an awesome list of vampire music. As much as I love “Bela Lugosi’s Dead,” my favorite Halloween songs typically fall into the “Fun and Cheesy” category. This is my list of must-haves on any monster playlist:

  1. “Monster Mash”
  2. “Purple People Eater”
  3. “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor” (It may be classical, but it’s synonymous with cheesy horror movies in my mind.)
  4. “Thriller”
  5. “Werewolves of London”

New additions to my list are “This is Halloween,” fromĀ The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Jace Everett’s “Bad Things,” but I hesitate to call them cheesy. They are too cool. My absolute favorite, which I had given up on ever owning, is Tim Curry’s “Anything Can Happen on Halloween” fromĀ The Worst Witch. Last year’s playlist was a triumph of Internetting, because my husband found me a recording that I could have for my very own, to listen to whenever I want. If you are unfamiliar with this little gem, allow me to introduce you to the wonderment:

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