We try it!

We Try It! AntiGravity Yoga

I’m a sucker for a good Groupon.

What is it?

Also known as aerial yoga or upside-down yoga (ok, the latter is only in my head…), it’s a silk hammock bolted to the ceiling, a yoga mat, and you. You use the hammock  to assist you with poses. For example, you use it to raise your hips doing Downward Dog, or to put your legs in the hammock to make poses like plank  a lot more challenging. Even more differently, the hammock means you can do entirely new poses that release you from the ground entirely.

What’s it like?

It’s fun. You swing, hang upside-down (comfortably), and do savasana suspended in the air, wrapped in an extremely comfortable cocoon. You’ll also feel like an elegant badass when you get some of the suspended poses right.

This is probably the least obnoxious intro/promo video YouTube has to offer, showing a lot of the different poses:

What’s to dislike?

A lot of the moves take a good bit of core and upper-body strength: which is great if you want to work on those, but can be a bit frustrating as well, depending on your abilities. I also found some of the moves pretty painful when the silk is being used as a narrow band and the position means most or all of your bodyweight is resting on it – several times I had to come out of a pose early because my skin was screaming at me and I frequently found bruises on my hip bones after class.

Who would like it?

Anyone who likes to be a bit playful with their physical activity. Those of you with good core and upper-body strength will find it easier, but I have neither of those and still had fun.

If my experience is anything to go by, don’t go expecting a thorough, comprehensive yoga class. I never felt unsafe at all, even thought I expected to. The poses really do work if you do what you’re told, but there was little sense of the thought that went into each pose. Think of it more as a strength and conditioning class than anything else. Yoga experience is helpful because some of the poses use the same names, but not essential.

I’d definitely go again, but as an occasional treat rather than a regular thing.

Have you tried it? Do you want to, or is this the last thing that looks like fun to you?

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I just tried this out a few weekends ago, too! I had so much fun, I went twice in two days. I was sore as shit for the following three, but I really enjoyed it. The only downside, of course, is the price. It is $169 for 10 classes, or $20 per drop in. If the studio was even remotely close to me, I would probably try to make it work, but driving 45 minutes one way and paying that much just doesn’t seem worth it.

Thanks for the overview! A studio for this opened up near our old apartment last year, and I thought it sounded interesting and fun, but it was really expensive. Maybe I could do A class, but probably, like you, I’d need to find a Groupon or just consider it a random treat. :)

Mine was €50 for five classes through Groupon, which is just about what I’d pay for an Iyengar yoga class elsewhere – I can definitely see how it would be expensive as a regular thing (I think this is similar with Bikram yoga, as it’s a trademarked name). If you get a chance, though, I do recommend trying it out!

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