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The fall season starts next week. Yeah! I got a Sword Art Online episode this week, which is the start of a new arc. Eureka Seven AO sort of ended, so I won’t be talking about it for a while. We have to wait for November to see the last two episodes. Not sure how that happened, might be because of the three week hiatus caused by the Olympics.

Sword Art Online ep 13

This was a sweet episode. Maybe a bit too sweet. The only “problem” Kirito and Asuna have as a couple is that they want to stay together forever.

Kirito and Asuna cuddling. She has her head on his shoulder.
They make a nice couple, don’t they?

The first part of the episode is about Kirito and Asuna’s vacation at the lake on level 22. Fishing and doing nothing seems to be the most important part of their day. They do end up making friends with another fisherman who just cries over the loss of soy sauce. Good for him that Asuna is a master cook and created something that tastes like it.

The other part is a Boss fight called Skull Reaper. Kirito actually didn’t want Asuna to go, but she said she would kill herself if he didn’t come back. Then Kirito suggests running away, but Asuna told him that they probably have limited time in the game anyway, because their bodies might be decaying in the real world. So they both go face the monster.

And he’s an ugly monster. Made of bones, with scythes for “hands” and a tail. He also one-shoots everybody beside the known characters. Kirito and Asuna have to combine their attacks to counter-attack him. He also has massive HP; in other words, a really annoying raid fight.

Eureka Seven AO ep 22

So this is sort of the “last” episode, but expect that it solves nothing (more later). But this is not the end, the two more episodes in November will resolve this, right? Yeah, I doubt it too.

I sort of liked this episode though, well, besides all the “Are Naru/Ao together yet?” stuff. That was a bit out of place. Actually, it was a waste of time. Anyhow. So the Coral Carriers are now getting eaten by the Corals. Truth, being the totally insane dude that he is, started to generate a lot of trapar and it’s causing the Coral Carriers to get really sick.

We got to see Team Harlequins in action this episode. I personally think they have the best looking mecha, I mean IFOs. Elena gets a Secret’s head on her IFO too and she’s not too happy. I sort of liked the quip about the Power Rangers/Aquarion though (fusing multiple mecha together). Fleur doesn’t do much this episode and I still think she looks weird in a business suit.

The episode ends with us watching Renton on his totally destroyed world waiting for something that happen at the end. It seems like Renton is traveling between different timelines because he found a dead Eureka and child in a demolished Gekko. He says wherever he goes it is always the same (aka everything destroyed). He took off in the Nirvash to go through what he calls a Seven Swell. He says it is Eureka calling him.

Besides this, I have no idea how this will end.

Large group of people peering in through a cracked doorway
Okinawa has a lot of Peeping Toms

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