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One of the reasons I don’t like starting new shows is that you don’t understand anything about the setting. So I got two new shows this week: K and Shin Sekai Yori. The first one seems to be a fanservice show with a wacky plot. Not sure if I will watch it all the way, but the artistic value is high. Shin Sekai Yori looks really good as well and it seems to have an interesting plot too. Also, Sword Art Online is still on my watch list for the fall.

Sword Art Online, Episode 14

Game Cleared!

I think they shortened the story a bit from the novel, they were just at floor 78. They might have also changed how it was cleared, or not. Not that it matters.

So Kirito and Asuna killed the last boss: the game creator, Kayaba. See, watching others playing is boring, so the guy decided to create a guild and lead it while himself being almost immortal (the game doesn’t allow his avatar to get his health in the yellow range). This avatar also happens to be the Knight of the Blood Oath leader. Basically, he was training people to defeat him after a major betrayal at the top of the “tower.” Talk about a guy wanting to live his own fantasy.

Both Asuna and Kirito die in this episode”¦ and not, see, the “power of love” trumps hard-coded programming. It’s also not the end of the show, although this episode really felt like an ending. Now Kirito has to find Asuna.

Kirito walking down a hospital hallway with an IV pole
Kirito after 2+ years in an hospital bed

K, Episode 1

Broken English? Lots of broken English! That was unexpectedly good quality, too.

Ok, so what is K… well, I don’t know. The show seems to be a neko-bait, a fujoshi-bait, a shonen-bait and an otaku-bait. Which means full of fanservice, but without serving anybody. Pretty animation, good direction and nice music though. It’s also cyberpunk with “super powers.” I love cyberpunk.

Seems like in the “city” there are different groups of people, each with a “king” that pops up gigantic “swords” in the sky when they start to fight. So far we have Mikoto’s gang, who have some sort of fire power and the “Blue” people, aka Sceptre 4, who seem to be the lawful good group that fight with swords. Sort of like a police corp.

two swords floating in the sky above a city
My Sword is bigger than yours

Seems like the “main” character is Ashiro though, a strange boy with stranger habits. He’s kind of the school jester that everybody likes but nobody talks to. He also like cats. He got a kitten that transforms into a naked cat lady, too (might just be for the viewers).

We also have a dude called the “black dog,” with a really strange power.  Not sure how to explain that one. He’s also a former vassal of the “late” Seventh king. He’s running after Ashiro, just like the gang of fire users. Somebody that looks exactly like Ashiro killed a King and called himself the new Seventh King, the Colorless King. When asked if it was him he just said: “Yeah, looks like it.” This seems a bit like a personality disorder problem to me… or Ashiro really is just a crazy murdering psycho beneath all the sweet and playful personality.

If the fanservice shows up too often, I might drop this show. Available for the USA on Viz Media.

Shin Sekai Yori, Episode 1

New show means new story that I don’t know anything about. Not much happened in this first episode, but I can say that the animation/art is fabulous and the music as well. This usually means good things for the future episodes. The show isn’t for kids though; lots of flashback cutting into the present and things like that, might make it a bit complicated to follow. Also, the episode started with a lot of kids killing adults with their powers, it gave me Elfen Lied flashbacks (lots of blood).

Shin Sekai Yori can be translated to “From the New World.” It tells the story of a group of teenagers/kids grown up in a world where humans have telekinetic powers. It also has a creepy vibe, almost to the “horror story” level. One of the kids, Saki, learns that her parents are lying to her and that not joining the Unified Class usually means you disappear (aka die). She was almost on that die list as well and children have all sort of creepy stories to explain kids disappearing. I suspect eugenics is the reason for it though, but the whole set of lies is rather elaborate to explain the reason why.

Basically, it’s because of Buddha. There is a lot of Buddhist elements mixed with the powers everybody has. Once you reach a certain level, you get your own purification rite performed by a Buddhist priest to remove the “evil” power and get it replaced by the gift of a “good spirit.” Like I said, elaborate lie.

Anyhow, this is worth following to see what will happen to the kids and find out what exactly happened in the last 1000 years or so.

Available on Crunchyroll.

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