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Two more series this week. Jormungand makes a comeback with Perfect Order and Psycho-Pass starts. Both can be watched on FUNimation simulcast. Besides that, Sword Art Online moves away from the game into the real world, Shin Sekai Yori continues to be interesting and K starts to be not that great with all the fanservice.

Sword Art Online, Episode 15

Sword Art Online the game ended, but not the anime.

Three hundred people didn’t wake up after Kirito killed the “last boss.” Among them is Asuna. So Kirito is all depressed and goes to see Asuna at the hospital often. He actually traded information with the government to find out where she is. We also get to meet his cousin, Suguha. She seems to be a bit jealous of Asuna right now.

We also get to meet Asuna’s dad and her “fiancé.” Well, sort of his fiancé, she hates the guy, but he’s taking advantage of her comatose state to marry her. He’s a creepy guy, too. I already hate him. The episode ends with Egil (one of Kirito’s friend in SAO) sending him an email with a screenshot of someone who looks like Asuna from another game. Considering all the fairies in the opening and ending, I get the feeling that we are going to “play” another game real soon.

K, Episode 2

Aside from Ashiro being crafty and some fighting in the first half, the rest of this episode was mostly fan-service. Bleh. I guess I’ll give it one more episode to see if I’m dropping this or not.

Shin Sekai Yori, Episode 2

The episode starts 500 years ago with a totally crazy Japanese emperor who amused himself by killing people coming to “worship” him.

The rest of the episode was both world building and TK games. Through the world building we learn that they are a “rat” race called Queerats. They speak a really strange language and seems to be the village slaves and they worship people with Cantus (TK powers).

We also saw a cool games for people with powers and learned about the Code of Virtues. Seems like the Code is something that manages people with Cantus to avoid tragedy and catastrophes. One guy didn’t follow the rules and he disappeared.

Also, Saki got a sister at some point and it seems to be linked to all the people disappearing and older Saki narrates the episode so you get “spoilers.”

Next episode: field trip!

Psycho-Pass, Episode 1

Warning: there is a rape scene in this episode.

Dark scene with robots outside a building
Robots doing police control. Only in Asia.

Another Cyberpunk series for this season, this is also a cop show with the typical newbie officer joining a special department: CID (Criminal Investigation Department).  It’s a bit like in Judge Dredd, except that it’s the gun that is the judge, jury, and executor. It’s called the “Dominator” and you have to be authorized to use it, it also won’t shoot somebody who isn’t a latent criminal. Everybody lives by what the Sybil system says, based on the Psycho-Pass, aka if you are a latent criminal, you have to go in therapy. If you don’t, you’ll probably get killed by the Dominator. Charming world.

Akane, the new inspector of CID, gets to “manage” the dogs to hunt down criminals. The “dogs” are actually latent criminals themselves who also happen to be “cops.” They are called Enforcers. Considering the world they live in, I expect Akane’s criminal coefficient to raise through the show, especially when they have a “theory” about Psycho-hazard (aka stress makes people do bad things).

The Dominator killing somebody is quite, hmm, bloody.

Jormungand Perfect Order, Episode 1

Jormungand is back!

This episode wasn’t like the usual episodes from the first season. It had a lot of exposition and introduction of new and old players.

First, Karen Low, the secretary of Chen, the guy who killed all of Valmet’s unit, is now employed by Dr. Miami (the crazy robot scientist from season 1). It was sort of funny when Valmet and Karen met in this episode and both Koko and Minami had to pull the leash. Seems like Koko and Minami started some plan to send satellites (126 of them) in space to control navigation and communication for HCLI (the company of Koko’s dad).

Valmet and Karen face off on the deck of a ship while two others look on
Valmet vs Karen

Beside this, we got a lot of CIA stuff. R, one of Koko’s bodyguards, is actually a spy working on something called Operation Undershaft. That operation actually wants to use Koko for their own plan (they are so getting screwed with this, knowing Koko). We are also introduced to Hex (German for witch). She wants Koko dead, but first she wants to break her.

Should be a fun ride.

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