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It was a nice week in term of anime since all the shows went somewhere and there was a lot of info dump. The next episode of Shin Sekai Yori should have lots of info dump as well, going by the preview. Jormungand will bring us some action after all the info dumping of the last two episodes. K also had a lot of info dump this week, but the next episode seems like a comedy. Because of this, I feel like it is trying to be too many things at the same time. Sword Art Oline should be renamed ALO now. Finally, Psycho-Pass proved to be a true cyberpunk show.

Sword Art Online, ep 16

ALfheim Online aka The Land of the Faeries. Super hardcore games where player skills and PvP mean everything. Oh and you can fly.

Kirito decides to go find Asuna, who seems trapped in the game. It also appears that his SAO stats are mostly intact because the game is based on an older copy of SAO. Yui is also back as a pixie and she’s going to help daddy.

Because Kirito got his SAO stats, he’s a total cheater. Super strong, super fast and his first action is to save a girl in the game called Lyfa.  I think she is actuality played by his sister if I understand the OP correctly (and the wiki says that I’m right).

K, ep 3

Huh? In episode 1, there was no fight between Spectre 4 and the fire dude (Suoh Mikoto). He was taken into custody just by asking, because of protocol 120 (whatever that is). It seems he’s draining too much power from the “power source” and it might become a problem.

As you’ll see, we got an info dump! Sword of Damocles (the big floating swords from ep 1), Drescent State (not sure what that is), and  Weismann (huh?): It seems the powers aren’t natural at all, but given to individuals through technology. It looks like one of the Blue members is a Homra traitor too. Homra is the name of the Suoh clan. Interesting.

There are 7 clans. So far we know of the:
Red: Violent people with bonds thicker than blood.
Blue: Police dudes all in blue that can pull the strings of the Japan Prime Minister.
Gold: The Golden King pretty much rules Japan and controls everything.
Green: Were mentioned this episode, but no information was given.
Colorless: Supposed to see the future, this would be Shiro now, apparently. The former king was Kuroh (the Black Dog) master.

Shin Sekai Yori, ep 3

So like all field trips, we get some scary campfire stories. Here we get one about a guy seeing strange balloon dogs that don’t look like dogs and something called the Demonic White Slug, aka The False Slug.

Demonic White Slug semi-hidden behind blades of grass. It kind of looks like a rabbit.
I didn’t know that white slugs had legs.

Our little “heroes” decide to go search for the white slug near where they are camping. They actually find it, and it uses a defense mechanism that hypnotizes them so they can’t use their powers. Saki isn’t affected because she is wearing sunglasses. They finally catch it with the help of giant crabs and start a conversation with it.

It’s an artificial entity that act as a mobile library. When it comes to a forbidden knowledge story, this takes the cake. I can’t wait for next episode to see how all the lies they have been told fall apart. It should be quite traumatic!

Psycho-Pass, ep 2

Holographic apartment! I want one!
Holographic clothing! I want one!
Holographic house helper! I want one!
Prefab food thingy! I don’t want one! It really didn’t look good.

Seems like Akane psycho-pass is still a pretty hue of blue despite being awfully stressed by her first day. We also learn that she’s a total nerd that could have worked anywhere and done anything but she picked the Public Safety Bureau because she was the only one to score an A. She is plagued by the, “Why am I here?” question.

Anyhow, she get the night shift on day 2 and goes on a mission with the old man. The guy got a high criminal coefficient because he can sniff criminal. I’m not surprised he totally look like the “old seasoned detective.” Mission two was sort of funny with the holo suit.

Cute cops with big round eyes and giant smiled, wearing holo-suits
I’m sure all cops want to make arrests dressed like this.

We also get to meet the members of the team a bit more. I get the feeling that “latent criminal” just means you don’t have a stick up your ass here. Also, everybody’s life is dictated by the Sybil system. It looks like the show has a little bit of Asimov in it (I don’t remember the short story, but there was one about this very subject). Makes me happy.

It also seems like Akane is going to “reform” the bureau at some point or become totally bunker.

Jormungand Perfect, Order ep 2

So R’s real name is Renano Socchi. Also, he’s so going to screw up his job for the Book Man (Saw, George Black, being a spy gives you so many names) at some point.

Hex in her case seems more on a personal revenge quest for her fiancée’s death (the show explicitly says that he died on September 11, 2001). She then proceeds to move to Afghanistan to clean house her way. By which I mean, kill as many terrorists as possible. Seems like this is why she wants Koko dead: she blames her for the existence of terrorists.

Kid Koko was a bit of chicken, hmm. Also both Koko and Hex can’t sleep when there is a full moon. That was probably a traumatic episode for both of them.

And now Hex wants to kill Jonah. Hahahahah.

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