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Another good week for anime. Shin Shekai Yori explains all the “X years ago” from the earlier episodes, along with a bit more historical facts. K is still entertaining despite all the annoying fanservice. Psycho-pass showcases another psycho. Jormungand finish the first story arc of Perfect Order and finally, Sword Art Online gets more gaming, talking and creepy dude.

Shin Shekai Yori ep. 4

Threatening a computer holographic library seems to do wonders to bypass registration. Especially when you have no driver’s licenses or are above 18-year-old.

But asking about toads? Really? But libraries are great for info dump.

Ogres are actually people suffering from the Larman-Krogeus Syndrom (aka Fox in the Henhouse syndrome). Karmic Daemons are people with the Hashimoto-Applebaum Syndrom. The syndromes aren’t exactly explained, but I suspect they are psychological conditions.

Hmm. I don’t like being called a member of the prehistoric era. Especially when it was just 1000 year ago in the anime.

More scary information:
Seems like only 0.3% of the human population were PK users. I’m as surprised as the kids. 99.7% is a lot of people to kill to be an eugenic society. Baseline humans ended up at less than 2% of what they used to be after all the wars against/for/with PK users.

In the end, 4 groups remained: PK Slavers, hunters-gatherers with no powers, outlaws and technology oriented people. Saki and her people are descents from the tech people who used psychology and teaching to stop conflicts, including spotting problematic cases and removal of them a fast as possible. They also made DNA modifications to induce “death by shame”. Basically, a PK user that attack a human will trigger a slow death on their own body.

The society we are currently seeing is descendant from the tech people. They might have taken it a bit overboard though, with all the lies and Buddhism stuff. The kids also got caught by a monk dude called Rijin. The guy is powerful…he trashed a group of monster rats while sitting on a flying lotus and just “thinking” about it. Unfortunately, from the distance they looked vaguely human and he’s dying now.

Cliffhanger: balloon dogs! I didn’t expect this one, but I guess that I should have expect it after the slug with legs from the last episode.

K ep. 4

Well, I must admit this episode is funny…but dear god the fan service. Also, now both Spectre 4 and HOMRA know Shiro is on the school island. Next episode should have battles! Hopefully, school stuff isn’t really my thing.

Meanwhile, Shiro is trying to find an alibi to show he didn’t kill the other guy. Which he does succeed at in the end, but he does also find blood among his clothing and has a “flashback” from December 7th where “he” killed the guy. Not sure where this is going, this show needs more info-dump.

Psycho-pass ep. 3

Ginoza seems a bit too stuck up. I wonder what his “psychological hue” is.

Car with touchscreen windshield. Subtitle reads" They said he was dismembered by a drone he was testing."
I want to live in the future with all the cool gadgets! I mean the car, not the dismembering drone.

The detectives and enforcers are investigating a possible crime case in a drones factory. None of the workers psycho-pass surpass the regulation, but using the Sybil system will take too much time. The facility is run by the Minister of Economy and they don’t want a reduction in productivity. But using the Dominator won’t work, the facility is off the Net. Which means the enforcers are going to work by gut feeling and the good old ways. Something Ginoza doesn’t like. They have a good suspect and a motive easily though.  It was also rather easy to cause the culprit to expose himself.

Jeez, stupid manager. Bullying people isn’t how others should amuse themselves and he’s “blaming” the Sybil system because she sent the guy to work at the facility. /facepalm

Ginoza, forget it dude, everybody thinks you’re an idiot. Really “orderly” society based on Sybil’s agenda, err, diagnostics.

Anyhow, Akane is way too nice to people. Hehehe. She also just learned a lesson, the enforces tend to go overboard when you leave them at their “things.”

By they way, I’ve been spelling Sybil wrong. It’s apparently Sibyl.

Jormungand ep. 16

hmm. So R think that Koko took a kid in her “unit” because she needed a “limiter” to not go too bankai? Basically, Jonah dies and she just throws everything away. I suspect R got it sort of wrong though.

Anyhow, Hex and her little troopers are out to kill Jonah and they planned a trap meeting to make it happen. R isn’t too happy and he’s going to go save the Little Lady and Jonah. Really dude, I don’t think you had to tell her you were a spy, but Koko looked so much like a little kid in this episode that he probably felt he had too. Anyhow, R died. *sniff* He really was a hottie.

Hex took a bullet, she will now look like Valmet and wear an eye patch until she dies. I guess, and it seems she really believes, that Koko is going to become a monster. She just wanted to kill her before that happened. Oh and don’t piss off Koko or she’ll send a B-52 to destroy your hideout.  Something Hex learned the hard way…

Death from Above: Three characters appearing to be illuminated by a fire in the sky. Subtitle reads "I truly pissed you off, didn't I, Koko Hekmatyar?"
You bet you did
Sword art Online ep. 17

Kirito learned to land before you learned to fly. /facepalm

Poor Asuna, her “suitor” is so creepy and has a terrible megalomaniac personality. Especially the memory rewriting and emotion control part. I already want him to die, horribly, killed by Kirito if possible. Bonus points if he become a mindless shell once that happens. I can hope, right?

Anyhow, Leafa brings Kirito to her hometown and she decides to bring him to the World Tree on top of which resides Asuna’s bird-cage. Hopefully, it happens fast, because Kirito has less than a week to free her. Oh and I was right, Leafa is Kirito’s sister. She just doesn’t know who Kirito is. Oh and is it bad if I think they make a cuter couple than Asuna/Kirito?

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