A Ladyguide to Two More Newly Elected Female Senators

Good news! There are so many women in the Senate after last week’s historic election, that it takes TWO posts to introduce them! This week, meet Senators-Elect Fischer and Heitkamp.

Senator-Elect, Deb Fischer, Nebraska

Senator Deb FischerSenator-Elect Fischer is the only newly elected Republican woman. She hails from rural Nebraska, where she manages her family’s ranch with her husband and three adult sons. She’s an educator by training and trade, and got her start in elected office as a school board member in Valentine, NE.

Fischer was elected to the Nebraska state legislature in 2004 to represent Nebraska’s very rural 43rd district. In January 2012 she announced she’d be running for the Republican nomination in this year’s Senate race, and soundly defeated both Nebraska’s Attorney General Jon Bruning and State Treasurer Don Stenberg. Why should you care that three Republicans battled it out? Because Fischer defeated these men, each with warchests in excess of $1 million. She had approximately $100,000 in campaign funding and won the nomination. This tells me she’s a woman who gets things done.

What kind of things? Well, typical Republican things – she’s pro-life, anti-big government, anti-Obamacare. But, she’s also set on repealing No Child Left Behind, which is a good thing to repeal. She also supports a balanced budget, as well as setting term limits to representatives and senators. And, she’s not an old white guy making rape comments, which scores her points as well.

Here are her remarks upon her election.

Thank you so much for your support! Together, we were victorious Tuesday night and I am so grateful for the hard work, generosity and votes of my supporters.

Our country faces tough challenges and I am honored and excited to have the opportunity to go to Washington, DC to tackle those challenges. I will advocate for real solutions and be a consistent, conservative voice in the United States Senate.

Friend, thank you for being part of this historic victory and helping me cross the finish line. You’ve made a difference not just for Nebraska, but for our great country.

I look forward to your continued support and friendship.

Thank you!

Deb Fischer

Learn more about Deb Fischer on her website,

Senator-Elect Heidi Heitkamp, North Dakota

Senator Heidi HeitkampHeidi Heitkamp is a native of North Dakota. A lawyer by training, she worked as an EPA attorney, as well as for the state of North Dakota. She was elected North Dakota Attorney General in 1992, and was instrumental in the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement, which held tobacco companies responsible for the damage they’ve done over the years to public health. Her other major work as Attorney General revolved around passing tough sexual predator laws.

During her 2000 run for Governor of North Dakota, Heitkamp was diagnosed with breast cancer. She lost the election, and went to work for an energy plant in 2001. On November 8, 2011, she announced her intention to run for Senator.


Her political agenda includes balancing the federal budget, passing the Affordable Care Act with some modifications, and creating as sustainable, diversified energy plan. Heitkamp has 11 years of working in the energy business as the director of the Great Plans Synfuel plant, and believes a multi-pronged approach that includes more U.S. drilling, as well as developing renewable wind and solar resources. She supports the Keystone Pipeline, and regulating energy speculation on Wall Street.

Here is a quote from Senator-Elect Heitkamp’s Facebook Page on Election Night:

I make this promise to every North Dakotan: I will be a senator for each and every one of you. We did this together and I am so grateful to everyone on team. HH4ND

Learn more about Senator-Elect Heitkamp at

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I am really impressed with Deb Fischer. I hope she can get the good things done that she wants to and doesn’t get dragged into the cesspit that is Washington at times. I think that goes for both ladies. Nice to know women are making a stand, making a different, and getting the vote.

It really is. For no other reason than to break up/shake up the old-boy network thing that goes on. How the right got associated with things it’s currently associated with, I’m not really sure. But rural America is traditionally Republican, so if there’s a women well-educated woman speaking as their voice, I take it as a good sign.

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