Body Diversity Is Really A Thing + How It Can Help You Feel Better About Your Body

In news that you may have missed, a recent study showed that showing women pictures of fat bodies made them like fat bodies more.

Silhouettes of two women with superimposed text reading "The only diet I need is a media diet. body love wellness" In other words, those images of very thin women that you see all day long are messing with your head and making you hate your body more.

Although this study had a relatively small sample size of young, heterosexual women in the UK, it does tell us something about how the images we see all day every day affect our perception of our bodies.

How You Can Eat What You Want and Still Lose the Body Shame

This study shows me that the one "diet" that I've recommended to my clients over the past few years is still a really good one. So I'd like to recommend it to you too, and it's called The Media Diet.

With the Media Diet you will:

• Lose your self doubt about your appearance
• Reach your goal of liking yourself and the way you look
• Melt away your resistance to feeling good about yourself right now


Here’s how you do it:

For the next week, as much as possible, limit your exposure to images of:

1) Ultra thin women and men
2) Advertising of diets and diet foods

While on the Media Diet, use your "willpower" to avoid the following:

1) Typical fashion magazines (it's tempting to peek in the line at the grocery store but distract your attention with something else)
2) Internet fashion sites (except as described below)
3) Daytime television (this is the time when diet ads are most prevalent)
4) Primetime sitcoms
5) Ads in general (check out extension like adblock plus to keep your web surfing ad free).

There's No Need to Go Hungry for Media

Now, there is no need to starve for media on the Media Diet. Take this time on the Media Diet to replenish your system with healthy alternatives:

1) Check out some really fun online plus size magazines, like Volup2 from Velvet D'Amour, Plus Model Magazine, and Venus Diva Magazine.

2) Check out plus size fashion groups, like Facebook's Fatshion! community and Fattoo Anonymous. Enjoy all the pictures of fabulous fat women of all shapes and sizes dressing up in their favorite clothes. Post your own too. And for more gorgeous photographs (which may be NSFW), check out Adipositivity, and Fat From The Side. And for cool drawings, go to FatPosiDoodles!

3) Read great Fat Acceptance blogs, including mine!

4) Pinterest is becoming a very body positive place, if you know where to look. Check out my fatspiration board for some body positive imagery.

5) Check out shows starring fabulous plus sized women and men, like Huge on ABC Family on DVD.

6) Read fat positive, image-heavy books like Fat!So? and The Full Body Project for their wonderful imagery.

I guarantee that after a week spent on the Media Diet, you will look and feel better about yourself!

Golda is a certified holistic health counselor and founder of Body Love Wellness, a program designed for plus-sized women who are fed up with dieting and want support to stop obsessing about food and weight.  Her new free teleclass, How To Feel Empowered, Gorgeous & Confident Every Single Day At Any Size, is happening next week. Click here for details!

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