Cyber Monday: Click Click Spend

I'm being good this holiday season and sticking to my post-recession budget, but I have enjoyed "window" (ha!) shopping on this fine Cyber Monday. 

Are you spending today? Did you find any spectacular deals? 

I'm all for discount shopping, I wouldn't own anything without it, but I wonder if Cyber Monday is even that big of a deal. My internets are pretty full of coupons, discount codes, sales and other money-saving frippery. At this point in the internet bargain trend lifecycle, retailers are going to have to damn near give things away to be noticed. 

My email inbox will be hopping all day with offers, if something really rockin' crosses my path, I'll throw it in a comment below. Running a ladyblog comes with very few perks (we get four or five free books a year, tops), but one of them is getting on all the email lists for brands who want free advertising. From what I have so far, there's good stuff happening at ThinkGeek, Sephora, Uncommon Goods, the entire Old Navy empire, and Best Buy. 

If you're spending today, spend responsibly. February fucking sucks if you overspend on the holidays, save yourself the trouble now. 

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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Kind of a rock and hard place here; I did get some gifts/needed things on Thursday and Friday online, but, I also need to be buying stuff to replace all of the stuff my husband took when he left last week, and I need to buy things like clothes for my new job at some point – but really need to focus on lawyers and that assorted crappery now. I mainly got deals at Amazon (Brave Blu-Ray-triple-pack-thing for less than $9, a 3T hard drive for $119 to copy my data to so I can fix my Drobo without fear, a portable blender thingy for $9) and got some games for my kids at Best Buy (online) and Steam. My big splurges were my annual VIP pre-holiday Sephora run a few weeks back (for the stuff that never goes on sale otherwise) and a limited lipstick set at Urban Decay on Friday. I usually get a check from my grandfather for the holidays, so I try and spend some beforehand so I get what I want, save money, and have something to play with for the actual holidays :)

I will say, if you do shop online, definitely use eBates. I have a referral code, but one of the editors should share theirs (if you guys don’t have one, I’d get a bonus to hook you up…). Most big retailers are on there, and all you have to do is click from their page (I don’t even do that; there’s a browser plug-in so I just go to the site and a button pops up). If you take your money back in Amazon credit, you get an extra buck.

I maybe bought myself the Muppet Whatnot I have been eyeballing forever from FAO Schwarz. They are $15 off and come with a free extra outfit today. Merry Christmas me. I feel a bit childish for buying myself a toy, but I am also very good at justifying things to myself. I also stocked up on some $5 audio books from Audible (I live in my car, this is the only way I get reading done lately).

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