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Dispatches from Ladyblogland

It’s been a fun week in ladyblogland. Everyone’s thrilled with Obama’s election and I’ve been reading some great articles covering longer haired olds to feminism and cat-calling.

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This week’s offerings make me happy.

Jezebel asks if olds can have long hair. All the editors over 30 with long hair rolled their eyes at this one. Also, I have a dream of having long, gray hair. It will never happen because all the women in my family end up with a weird brown hue as they age. Jezebel

Tegan and Sara answer questions for Rookie Mag. They have a new album coming out, too! Rookie Mag

Can you be a feminist and enjoy being cat-called? hexgrrrlfriend

Really fascinating article about a woman growing up in scientology. The Hairpin

This will make even the most anti-wedding gal filled with glee: a Chinese couple had their wedding portraits taken 88 years after their wedding day. When they first got married, there were no photographers where they lived. The Frisky

s.e. smith reminds us that hipster sexism is nothing new. xojane

Fun collection of women’s magazine covers then and now. buzzfeed

Great coverage of Afghanistan’s first female rapper. The Guardian

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I should have known better than to read the comments on the Jezebel article because the article itself was bad enough, but most of the commentators were immature and catty. Wtf is wrong with an older woman–or ANY woman–wearing her hair how she wants? Isn’t personal choice kind of a big deal in feminism? (I know it is.) And what’s wrong with wearing comfy shoes and shawls? I’d rather wear what is comfortable and what I like than to try to fit inside these tiny boxes that society allows us. Long live long hair and may my future silver head never be shorn!

Omfg, I knew better than to go read that Jez piece. This fucking pisses me off to no end. Sometimes I think half the reason I’m growing my (mostly white) hair out again is the notion that because I’m pushing 50 I shouldn’t wear it long.

It’s not quite halfway down my back right now, so by the time my 50th rolls around it should be fully white and down to my old, wrinkled ass. Fuck these people.

Preach! That article and the one it linked to made me SO MAD. I did love how almost all the comments on both Jez and HuffPo were along the lines of “WTF? Women get to do whatever they want with their hair, jeez.”

It’s funny, I started reading Jez because it seemed like the one ladymag/blog that didn’t try to make women feel like shit about themselves. At least the other ladymags are trying to sell something.

It also speaks to the cognitive dissonance we all face when it comes to recognizing our own capacity to be judgmental arseholes. Jez: WOMEN ARE NOT THEIR BODIES. WOMEN’S BODIES DON’T BELONG TO YOU. EXCEPT OLDS WITH LONG HAIR, WHO ARE ALL UNATTRACTIVE, MONOLITHIC WEIRDOS. JUDGING THEM IS OKAY BECAUSE LOOKING AT THEM MAKES ME UNCOMFORTABLE.

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