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Dispatches from Ladyblogland Know How to Smize

What do you get when you toss “Bikini Kill,” the ability to smize, and questionable social justice tactics? This week’s dispatches from ladyblogland!

Animated gif of the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons waving her arms while several cats cling to her
Gaslighting will make you feel like this.

Best thing I read all week: an oral history of the “Bikini Kill” EP. Spin

So this is an article from last year that was resurrected through reblogs all day yesterday on tumblr: The Good Men Project discusses gaslighting and how it has trained women to think they are crazy. The Good Men Project

Pretty frakking sweet: these teen girls made a generator that runs on pee. Bust

Tyra Banks has a smize app. It’s $1.99 and you need it. XOJane

The UN declared birth control a human right. And the ladyblogosphere didn’t really talk about it in any interesting ways because everyone totally agrees with this. But it’s pretty big news. The Gloss

Channing Tatum is incorrectly named the sexiest man alive. Who would you pick? XX FActor, Slate

Noted person-with-questionable-ethics Tracie of Jezebel posted the tweets of some racist teens and then contacted those kids’ schools to find out if they knew their students were racist. Which is really, really unethical. Racialicious 


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Hmn. I’m not quite sure what to think about the Jezebel/Twitter/school situation. Contacting the school seems inappropriate and dodgy ground (identity? Student confidentiality?) but publishing the Tweets? I don’t know, here – I think – those Tweets might even be enough for the people involved to be arrested for inciting racial hatred. Wouldn’t it have been better to discuss the presence of racial hatred on Twitter, with a mention of having reported offensive Tweets to the police, have achieved more than public shaming? Certainly thought provoking articles.

As for the UN and birth control, I’d be very interested to see how this plays out in the abortion debate. I.E. what constitutes human rights, etc.

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