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Dispatches from Ladyblogland: Read This Instead of Shopping

Cyber Monday? Sure, you can buy a cashmere sweater at 25% off, but wouldn't you rather read the best of the ladyblogs?

Would you ever decide not to have kids? While the comments are trying, this article is a great read for both the childless and breeder alike. What I like about it is that it reflects a portrait of childlessness that is rarely on display: sometimes the decision not to have kids is intentional, and that is a decision that should be respected just as much as the decision to have kids. A Cup of Jo

Interesting discussion about fat-acceptance, self-esteem, and the decision to be "easy." xojane

A 6-year-old girl schools Hasbro on gender equality. Hasbro writes a terrible response. Yahoo

Is Kristen Stewart a feminist issue? latter style

A very feminist Thanksgiving. Slate

So, I also do political philosophy as a hobby (what!) and I sort of loved this video of where Slovoj Žižek keeps his socks. The Hairpin

PANDA CAM. Hello Giggles

Why video games with female protagonists don't sell and what that says about the industry. The Mary Sue (which is my new favorite ladyblog, FYI) 

Are you looking for awesome gifts that cost next to nothing? This post has some amazing ideas. Design Sponge 

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3 replies on “Dispatches from Ladyblogland: Read This Instead of Shopping”

Some of the comments in the Cup of Jo article made me ragey. Jon and I have decided we don’t want kids-though we have told our parents we will revisit it at 35 just to get them off our backs for a couple years. His reasoning is more financial, mine is more that I just don’t have any desire. I adore kids and love being around them, I just don’t want my own. Even if we did change our minds, we would adopt because I have ZERO desire to go through a pregnancy and there are a ton of kids on this planet who need homes.

Please don’t get me wrong, I fully support any person’s desire to procreate, I just really, really wish I didn’t have to deal with the near constant barrage people telling me I’m selfish or that I will change my mind because I don’t want to. I think the Cup of Jo article offered some great insights that aren’t often seen, which was great.

/end rant, which was in no way prompted by this article, which was fabulous, as always. I let myself get worked up by the comments at the link. Must. Not. Read. Comments.

I agree with you 110% about some of the comments being rage-inducing. This really good comment stood out to me though, “there are three positions people should probably feel a calling for: any sort of religious leadership, teaching, or childrearing.” I just wish everybody felt that way, so people would stop asking women when they were going to have kids… as if its the only way to spend your thirties.

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