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Tomorrow is election day. So vote! Your ladyparts depend on it. And vote the entire ballot! Those judges make a difference, probably more so than the bigger names because judges interpret the Constitution, and the Constitution gives rights to thinks like choice, access to birth control, voting rights, and more. The League of Women Voters is a great resource, as is your local party headquarters. But while you wait in line at the polls on Tuesday, read these gems.

Lazy welfare mom? This lady lived it. XOJane.

For the Bible Tells Me So, rape edition. Alternet.

Katy Perry’s Jane Lane costume makes me almost like her. Also, I may be stealing this for next year. Refinery 29.

The new Smitten Kitchen cookbook is out. Oh yes. This is a thing that anyone buying me a Christmas present should pay attention to. Smitten Kitchen.

Bill O’Reilly has a very low opinion of single-lady voters. All the single ladies? Put your hands up and VOTE. Huffington Post Women

Intersectional feminism post you must read: black women’s response to the war on women. Higher Heights for America

Honda made a lady car. For reals. Because apparently we’ve been driving man cars all along! Now, unlike the Bic Pen debacle, I do think that cars do need to consider women more, like not making everything sized for a 6-foot tall dude. xxfactor

This is progress! Halo 4 execs threaten banning for sexism on X-Box live. In practice this is probably MUCH harder to control, as any woman who has been harrased online by dudes with weirdly similar screen-names can attest to, but the fact that they’re even making a superficial nod to this problem is really, really a good thing. The Mary Sue

The Good Men Project has yet another problematic article on rape. Trigger Warning for the usual Good Men Project stuff. The Good Men Project

Not on ladyblogs, but this week I watched the documentary Orgasm, Inc. It’s on Netflix Instant and it’s really, really interesting. It’s about the quest to make a pill for lady-pleasure and man does it dig into our collective issues about female pleasure.

What did y’all read this week? Share in the comments!


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