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Persephone Magazine Gift Guides 2012: Unicorns! Unicorns Everywhere!

We like our beloved one-horned beauties around these parts because they are awesome. What better way to show a special someone in your life how magical you think they are than with some unicorn-y goodness?

There are many, many truly horrifying things when you go searching around the internet for unicorns. For example—

terrifying photo of unicorn Voldemort with pink and purple hair, purple big arm muscles, flexing with hooved hands. Pink and purple cloud background. In black lettering it says "You are what you eat"

I don't even know what to say about that. It's just… I mean… really… what in the actual fuck? That being said, there are also a jillion awesome unicorn items, so let's get started.


ThinkGeek: Magical Unicorn Necklace.

red background, Caucasian woman with huge smile wearing a unicorn necklace

I was going to post the picture of just the necklace, but then I saw this, and couldn't help myself. You must buy this necklace, if for no other reason than to make someone as happy as this lady is. I love her.

Unicorn Rhodium Ring by Modernaked on Etsy.

light green background, silver unicorn ring, 3-d profile that wraps around the finger

Simple, yet simply rad.

Silver glitter unicorn necklace by ToxicGlamour on Etsy.

close up of woman's collarbone wearing a black v-neck shirt and a black glitter shaped unicorn necklace on a silver chain

It is a unicorn and it is glittery. Sign me right on up for that shit.


Unicorn Hoodie by Hanacorn on Etsy

.young teen girl outside in a pink hoodie with a unicorn horn and rainbow yarn mane

How adorable is this? I am having trouble not putting everything in this guide in my shopping carts, y'all.

Unicorn Narwhal T-Shirt Team MAGIC Ringer Shirt by theboldbanana.

light grey with navy ringer T with a blue graphic of a unicorn and a narwhale crossing horns

I am willing to team up with a narwhal, for sure. Magic forces, UNITE!!

Unicorn vs Dinosaur Women's T-shirt Unicorn T-shirt by binarywinter.

woman wearing a dark blue tee with a velociraptor fighting a unicorn

Sure, the velociraptor was a ruthless, sharp clawed killing machine, but that unicorn ain't even breaking a sweat. She knows she's got this shit.

Rainbow Unicorn Hat by EinavIzack on Etsy.

cream colored polar fleece hat with a unicorn horn and rainbow mane

Oh for fuck's sake, I am buying one of these for someone. That is close to one of the cutest things ever. Ever.

Unicorn Magic 11 Heavy Flow Cloth Menstrual Pad by HelloAuntFlow.

pink handmade cotton menstrual pad with darker pink unicorns on it

Hahahahahahahahaha, sorry, I couldn't help myself. I love having unicorns this close to my cooch.

Home Decor

Okay, here's where shit gets even more fantastic. I feel like all P-Mag peeps need at least one of these things hanging on their walls or in their homes somewhere.

Prince on a Unicorn 11×11 by unicornatopia on Etsy.

painting of Prince riding a unicorn at night in his Purple Rain finery

Right?!?!? Who among us can honestly say they don't need a print of Prince riding a unicorn in the moonlight? That's right. Nobody.

Unicorn Pitcher Terra Cotta Watering Can by FalconandFinch on Etsy.

terra cotta unicorn watering can

While many of these have a cheese factor that only adds to their charm, this watering pitcher is actually really pretty.

8×10 print The Unicorn by AnnieIllustrations on Etsy.

baby unicorn painting, small and fragile looking in a forest laying on the dirt ground

I like my artwork a little bit haunting, and this print totally fits the bill. It reminds me of The Last Unicorn, and anything that reminds me of that book or movie is a plus for me.

D Cups Are Special Like Unicorns Art Print by nicoleporterdesign.

print of unicorns in sihloette, one large and white, the other small and blue, with the words "D-cups Are Special, Like Unicorns"

For the big-titted among us, of which I am not one (secretary of my school's Itty Bitty Titty Committee, 4 years running, thank you very much!). This print proudly proclaims the status of your boobies as being one with that of the unicorn. Amen.

Rainbow Barfing Unicorn Amigurumi Plush by CultGrrrlCreations.

crochet unicorn vomiting a rainbow

Dude. A barfing unicorn doll. Come on. So great.

I could seriously add at least twenty more items to this guide, folks. I am forcing myself to stop because I don't want to be overwhelming. Please trust me when I say that you will not be disappointed if you go hunting for unicorn stuff. If you aren't already following the P-Mag unicorn board on Pinterest, you need to be doing that. But one last thing, one more little piece that would look lovely on someone's mantel—

Unicorn Skull.

ceramic unicorn skull with a gold horn under a glass bell jar

A unicorn skull. With a gold horn. I am in love.

Happy shopping!!!


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