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Gift Guide – Girls Rock!

The title really says it all – girls freaking rock. We know this around here. But how do you go about finding gifts for the young ladies in your life that reflect this?

I loved Hillary’s article on the pink shovel the other day because that is something I struggle with every single time I purchase something for a little girl in my life. I may buy my nieces a pink sweatshirt, but then I stencil this on it:

black drawing of a girl with hands on hips wearing superhero cape with the words "Because I'm  Awesome" below
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I also second guess myself when buying stereotypical “girl” toys, like kitchen or tea sets, even if I know the child in question would adore it. So how does one balance the desire to bust out of gender normality with the all-too-often reality of girls loving gendered toys? Let’s give it a shot.

Toys Barbie Collector Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen Doll

Katniss from Hunger Games Barbie doll with bow and arrows, green pants, boot and jacket

A large number of young ladies like to play with dolls. We can argue back and forth all day about the reasons why, but there it is. Instead of a Barbie, with her unreasonable body expectations and crappily made wardrobe options, why not get her a Barbie-sized Katniss doll? Yes, the doll may still have body proportions that are unattainable for most, but it looks like her feet are not in the perma-heel freeze and she has a freaking bow, for goodness sake. Kicking ass and taking names, that Katniss is.

Toys R Us: LEGO® Friends Olivia’s Inventor’s Workshop.

purple box of Legos with girls across the top, photo of the set inside which is a science/invention lab

There are plenty of pink Lego sets to be found, but how awesome is this one? A clearly “designed for girls” set that is a science lab instead of a hair salon or pet groomer??? You mean girls can do the science? WHO KNEW!!!???

Female Reproductive System 3D Anatomy Model.

plastic model of the female reproductive system

Okay, I know I could use this model because there are some things I am woefully unfamiliar with when it comes to my junk and I don’t think I am alone out there, so this would be a good (if slightly odd) gift for not only girls but grown women as well. Shit, if it shows where the clitoris is, throw the guys in the ring as well. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your gifting needs!! Lady part models for EVERYONE!


ThinkGeek: The Sneaky Book for Girls.

red book titled "The Sneaky Book for Girls" with a cartoon girl on the front

The Sneaky Book for Girls could be problematic if we are going solely off the title. Is this a Rules for Tweens that will teach them how to trap the boy that pulls their hair on the playground into settling down? An early primer on poking holes in condoms to keep their man? Thank fucking goodness, no. It has science projects, survival skills, and instructions on how to “create weapons from everyday objects.” That alone is enough to make me want it. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Catherynne M. Valente and Ana Juan.

red book entitled The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making with a picture of a dragon on it

I haven’t read this book, but I have heard excellent things about it. I also like this line from a review: “Fairyland is a book that is both deeply in love with fairy tales and sharply critical of them.” Sounds like a great read for the independent little misses among us.


Star Wars Panties.

five pairs of white girls underwear; one with Darth Vader, one with Star Wars logo, one with Yoda, one with R2D2 and one with Leia

I am almost embarrassed to admit how desperately I want these. Not enough to keep silent about it, though, because these are fucking fantastic. As many of you parents know, trying to find girls underwear that aren’t either nondescript and boring or covered in princesses is virtually impossible at regular stores. This Etsy store fixes that dilemma.

ThinkGeek: Self-Rescuing Princess T-Shirt.

black t-shirt with "self-rescuing princess" in blue and a gold crown with a blue gem

A-freaking-men. You can find hundreds of sparkly “Princess” t-shirts at any store that carries clothing. They are everywhere. This shirt turns that nonsense on its head while still allowing the little one to retain her princess dreams. Be a princess all you want, ladies, just don’t depend on some dude to come save your ass. Learn how to save your own.

Also available in the Leia Version.

Her Universe Shop: Star Wars Self-Rescuing Princess T-Shirt.

pink t with a cartoon of Princess Leia and Self Rescuing Princess written in white has tons of women and girls geek apparel and accessories to choose from. I highly recommend checking it out.

Funny Princess-Style T-shirt by VicariousClothing.

white t-shirt that says "just sitting here on the corner of awesome and bombdiggedy" in red

I don’t know why this shirt has tickled my funny bone so much, but it has, so here it is.

Awesome Skulls With Hot Pink Bows.

pink background, cheetah print covered clip with white skull with hot pink glitter bow

And last but not least, in a shameless bit of self-promotion, are these adorable little clips that keep the hair out of one’s face without the unnecessary cutesy nonsense, made by yours truly. I also make custom tutus, which are shamelessly girly, but also awesome, should anybody need one for the holidays!


Happy shopping y’all!

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These are so fun! I had to laugh at the not a hair salon or pet groomer comment- what is it with pet grooming? My daughter has, I think, three different pet grooming salons from three different lines of toys. Very weird.

The Legos “friends” sets kind of bug me- why can’t LEGO City stuff be slightly more gender neutral? Why do girls need pink Lego boxes? I don’t know why, but now that they exist, those are the ones my daughter wants, so I’m glad there’s a science lab in the mix!

We gave our daughter a Hunger Games themed Eostre basket this year that included a bow & arrow, knife, fire starter, etc. so we are trying hard to top that. So far I think the Dragon*Con tickets we got her for her birthday (4 days before Yule, ugh) will be our biggest hit. Now we just have to figure her Yule presents. :/

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